Thursday, March 27, 2008

Stairs, teeth and other nonsense

Man oh man. I feel like I haven't had two seconds to put together these past few days. We are having a "How to host a murder" dinner party at our home tomorrow night. I am excited, I wish I had time to clean...I have been doing laundry trying to recover from vacation. It was fun and I'll post more once I get the pictures off of Darin's computer.

While we were in Cloverdale, Violet was drinking out of a water bottle in the car and knocked out the filling on her front tooth. Again! I can't believe it! We don;t have insurance. I might call the dentist and see if he'll fix it for free since it's supposed to last longer. We shall see. I looks a little funny, and since it is her front tooth, it is noticeable. UGhhh!!!

Ashton was wandering around with a box on his head yesterday. Not an unusual past time, but he walk but the stairs to the basements and tumbled all the way down. He was more scared than hurt. There was a pile of blankets at the bottom, and the stairs are carpeted wasn't that bad. Plus it is the first time he has fallen down the stairs and he is 2 1/2. Pretty good, I'd say.

I was released from my Primary calling on Sunday while I was out of town and put in as the 2nd Counselor in Young Women's. I am very apprehensive and nervous. We have our first presidency meeting tonight. I am really going to miss Primary and the amazing Sisters that I was able to serve with. We have developed good friendships though, so I know I'll still be seeing them. Primary doesn't have a replacement for the Secretary yet, so I get to pull double duty on Sunday, as much as I can.

My mom was rear ended yesterday, she is sore but not really hurt. The damage to the truck isn't too bad. I hope that all gets figured out soon.

There are a lot of little heart friends in the hospital. Please keep them in your prayers. Check out the blogs, they are listed on the right under heart hero's.

Happy Birthday tomorrow to my friend Tina who is in Germany!


Shellie said...

I got booted from primary to young women's too. Once I got my head around the change, it was great.