Thursday, March 6, 2008

What's in your Wallet? (I mean bag?)

I am finally getting around to this tag. Yippie. It is my lame attempt to avoid making dinner, so here goes....

In no particular order except how I am pulling things out...

Size 2 diaper, yellow pajamas, container of diaper wipes, Orange goofy onesie, Pink flowered baby hat, Size 6 diaper, burp cloth, Changing pad (that matches the bag), Bunny rattle, piggy toy, another burp cloth, green socks, hand sanitizer, note pad, Strawberry shortcake friend doll, book, Pink pants (which are too small for Myra now), package of fruit snacks, small magnifying glass, my little pony toy, package of fruit snacks and Halloween candy, another package of fruit snacks, half of a candy cane, 2 more packages of fruit snacks (sheesh, i think I have enough!), pair of white socks, Strawberry shortcake toy, miniature buzz lightyear, toy camera, Halloween candy, bear toy, my little pony, 2 more pieces of Halloween candy, two empty wrappers, and hair for a snow white toy. Now for all the pockets: 8 empty plastic diaper baggies (to eliminate odor etc.), tube of A & D ointment, pen, binky, a min t, an orange dinosaur, another binky, chap stick, another chap stick, lotion, Eucerin, Elvis mints from Tennessee (thanks Donna!), mouth spray, infants Tylenol, 1 pampers disposable wash cloth, gas drops, mini mag light (flash light), teething tablets, Barbie sunblock, tampon, clorox disinfectant wipe sample, diaper rash creme, 2 adult Tylenol and a prilosec in a pill case, sample of desitin, bottle of Pancof- PD (cough suppressant), lotion, 3 panty liners, first aide kit (bandages, wipes, and so forth), pen, Olay sun block, case of cinnamon Altoids (gross!), pad of blue post it notes, pen, and empty wrapper & a bow off of something. Whew! That was a lot of crap!
Okay, I'm taggin' Brynn A & Mike. I bet you have a murse, Mike. If not, you can make Becky do it!

In an effort not to jinx things, I an officially not telling anyone that Myra only woke up once last night and the night before. this morning it wasn't until 5am! So remember, I didn't tell you!

I received my first birthday card in the mail today from my sister in law Leslie. Thanks!

I got to see John yesterday and visit with my aunt. He had surgery to repair his "plumbing" and his hips. He is all plated and pinned together now. He has to stay off them for 6 - 8 weeks. He doesn't look too bad considering. He is the sweetest guy and I hope he is out of pain today. He may be going home as early as Monday or Tuesday.