Saturday, April 5, 2008

Desert Star Quotes!

That's right, we went to yet another HILARIOUS play at the Desert Star Theater. It was fabulous. It was The Wizard of Odd, a Wicked Comedy. As you can tell it followed the basic plot line of The Wizard of Oz. Dorothy was not from Kansas, but Kamas. The Scarecrow was Keanu Reeves in Wayne's World mode, Tin Man was Simon from American Idol, and the Cowardly Lion was Richard Simmons.

Here are some of my fav quotes from the night. Sorry if you don't think they are funny, but I sure laughed!

"What do Tom Cruise's mother and a Pine tree have in common?
They both produce NUTS!!" - Enchanted Tree

"To the Emerald City, and Beyond!" - Wicked Witch of the East AKA Algebra

No one has guessed correctly yet on what is in the picture on the previous post. Keep the guesses rollin' in!

"My chestnuts are roasting on an open fire" - Scarecrow

"You are the best middle aged men friends a ten year old girl could ask for." - Dorothy

Other highlights included, Butt Munch land, the High Counselor speaker that put them all to sleep in the poppy field, guitar hero, and the uncanny romance.

Before the show we ate at Carabbas and ran into our friends who introduced us tot he restaurant. Funny! We actually sat in the booth right next to them. And for some reason all the crazy drivers were out and we narrowly escaped a half dozen accidents. Utards!

PS- Myra is 6 months old!!


Ryan and Jacki Andrew said...

My parents took Ryan and I to The Wizard of Odd for opening night. I thought it was pretty good. Ryan didn't really enjoy it but he doesn't like plays. I had to drag him there.