Sunday, April 27, 2008

Holy Smoke!

So, our next door neighbors had a bon fire last night. They were out side until about midnight. No biggie. We enjoy doing that at our friends' houses. Good times.... They horrid thing is that when I went to get in bed, my sheets reeked of smoke. My clothes probably smell too. Gross! I woke up with a huge headache. I think they might be connected.

Well, I spoke in church today, for the first time in this ward. I'm amazed I slid by for 3 years without having to speak! I think that it went pretty well. I feel like it did. I know it was a lot better than the lesson that I gave in Young Women's today. First time speaking in the ward, first time teaching young women's...I was busy, busy, busy all week.

I also attended the funeral for my neighbor. He had been sick for a number of years and had recently been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. He was a very nice man. He gave us our pet fish. We always enjoy visiting with him and his wife. He will be missed.

Friday night was our ward talent show. Darin and I signed up to swing dance. We had fun. We were both tired by the end of the song...I think people were impressed. ;)
There were a lot of fun skits and displays. Unicycles, tapping, lip syncs, slide shows. We have a creative ward. We even had a kid who stood on his head. And then there were the edible talent. Yummy! Afterwards we played D & D. A couple in our ward came and played with us. It was fun to have new people. He had displayed his homemade chain mail and swords, so we figured he played. The only bad thing about the evening was I forgot to record Moonlight. :( Good thing it is online for my viewing pleasure. Whew. It's a good show.

My kids have been pretty silly this week. I think Myra is cutting teeth. Every time I put my finger in her mouth to rub her gums, she sticks out her tongue, and leave it out for a while. It's darling. Ashton looks like he is growing horns because he has two or three bumps on his forehead. He has had a clumsy week. I think he is growing.

Yesterday I asked Violet to run upstairs and get a diaper for me. She looked at me and smartly replied, "why? You have legs." Great, she already has an attitude and she's only 5. Ashton says stuff like, "that is so totally not wicked." Silly boy. I need to buy him some sandals before next weekend. All he has are tennies. On Friday I had Vi & Ashton stay downstairs and watch a movie (I know, I'm the best mom ever!) while I took a shower. I over heard Violet explaining to Ashton that he couldn't go up and see me because the door was broken and wouldn't open. Should I be worried that she might be a pathological liar?

Happy Birthday (on Monday) to my friend Liz, and on Thursday to my great-niece Samantha.

And it looks like twice as many people have the male dirve, than the women. Interesting....