Monday, April 14, 2008

Make 'em Laugh

A few weeks ago I was talking with my mom on the phone. I was telling her about how me and a couple of friends were not pleased with the current volley ball teams for city and decided to put together our own team. I was talking about the reason why we were doing this and she started to laugh. I thought to my self, hmmmm is it really that funny? I asked her why she was laughing and she said basically because whenever I don't like how things are going, then I step and and try to fix t hem and make them better. Like with our previous heart support group that totally fizzled out. So some friends and I got the new group up and going. It is thriving and doing well. My mom just thought that is was a great thing, but had to laugh.

Intermountain Healing Heats is a lot of work, especially for a few of you (you know who you are!!). But I think that it is a service greatly needed and appreciated. We have come so far in 6 months, and can't wait to see what the next six bring. Have a happy day. We are warm and sunny, until Wednesday and then we will be back into the 40's! AGH!