Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Something to Blog about

Like I am ever at a lack of ides, with my kids. Today has been no exception. Myra slept through he night (yippie) and got up about 7am. My fabulous hubby changed her diaper and got her settled while I got dressed. After he left for work I did some Pilate's. I usually have to drag myself to exercises alone. We aren't playing volleyball this week since it is spring break, so I needed something.

Anyway, I work out, shower, feed kids and decide that they too need baths. Violet has Mulloscum so she can't bathe with the other kids. I wash Myra, put Ashton in the bath. Get him out as Vi gets in. I get Ashton all lotioned and dressed. Myra is in her crib crying. I go in her room and pick her up. As I do, Violet tells me Ashton got back in the bath tub. Great. In two seconds he went back into the bathroom. Undressing a drenched, fully clothed almost three year old is quite the work out. His diaper was HUGE.

I must say I did laugh seeing him in the tub with all his clothes, next to a naked Vi. Crazy boy. I have a lot of extra laundry today....


CedarFam said...

What's Mulloscum? Just wondering, it doesn't sound too fun!

Anonymous said...
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