Friday, April 11, 2008

TV with Heart

I don't know what was up with the TV programs tonight. Without a trace was about a teenager who was a heart recipient. She was abducted by the heart donors brother yadda yadda. Then on ER there was a woman who was a year out from her transplant. The heart donors Fiance' was basically convinced that he was in love with the recipient because it was the same heart. Some of the things were very unbelievable. Like a heart recipient would know what an ejection fraction is, and that a biopsy would show that. Hello, you have and echo and they can tell you...not a biopsy. Anyway, it was also weird that both stories revolved around donors loved ones going berserk. I thought it was absurd that the teenage girl's parents wouldn't think it was normal to want to know about the donor. Of course you would. The parents didn't seem like real heart parents to me, because obviously they are actors. The shows were still good, just, I don't know. Ok, I think that I an done venting for the night. Good bye.


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