Saturday, May 31, 2008

Great Awareness Video!

I saw this on my friends site. Check it out!

Friday, May 30, 2008

The case of the missing shoes

Ashton's sandals.......there is something mysterious going on with them. I think that they either walk on their own, or gremlins are in our midst. For about a week, his shoes were no where to be found. We search all the usual places, the shoe pile...I mean basket, bedrooms, cars, out side. You name it and I looked there. Even in the lost and founds at multiple church buildings. Nothing. I began asking friends and neighbors if we had left them there. Nope. His shoes weren't that old, we just bought them a few weeks ago so I didn't really want to buy new ones. I started feeling bad that his feet were constantly sweaty from shoes or boots. Then one day, they magically appeared on the top of the shoe basket. Where did they go for a a week, your guess is as good as mine.

Happy Late Birthday!

We wanted to send out a special Birthday holler to Darin's mom! Sorry we couldn't get through to you on the phone! We hope you had a great Birthday! We love you so much!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Well, the weekend came and went. We don't have a whole lot to show for it either. The weather on Monday was crummy, so no yard work for us. We did go to the cemetery on Friday, Sunday and Monday. It looked beautiful as always. Thank you to those who left flowers for Elaine. While we were at the cemetery on Sunday we got to meet Andrea, Wyatt's mom. Thanks so much!

Myra has been trying a lot of new foods lately. She's had pizza crusts, watermelon, Cheerios, anything bready she can manage. She is good about spitting something out if it is too big. She had avocado again today, but this time she didn't like it. Funny kid. Violet decided to teach herself to ride a two wheeler without training wheels, since her friends can do it. She is getting better.

Saturday started out bright and early. 7am! A trip to the church Dairy with the ward. PU!!! It is a good opportunity to work and serve, but man it smells! We did a lot of major (up to my thighs) of weeding, and odd jobs. The messiest was throwing/ rolling/dragging tires off of the top of the silage pile, into tractors to be dumped in a pile for later. The silage wreaked and I got covered in mud and gross water. Then it was off to the Drakes where the rest of my family was helping to remove like 6 full grown pine trees. It was mostly done when I got there. It looks so nice now!

I'm glad that Elaine has a place where we can remember her. I have several flowers to plant in my yard now. There is even a perennial that will last longer than the one year! Violet's favorite part of the cemetery was following people around and "making friends." Ashton loved the pin wheels.

Happy Birthday today to Aaron!! You are an old old old man! :)

Friday, May 23, 2008

As time goes by

I was preparing my lesson that I have to teach in YW's yesterday. I decided to look through all of the stuff I still have from when I was in YW's to try and find some sort of cute handout. There is once int he manual, but I wanted more than one. So, I pulled out my box of stuff and began sorting through. Low and behold I found not one, but two of the same exact handout that is in the lesson manual. Since there are only 3 books and you are in YW's for 6 years, that equals out to each lesson twice. That explains why I have two of the same exact handout. Ok, the fact that here it is so many years later and I still have them is a little sad. I did find some good stuff to use for girls camp and such. It wasn't a complete waste of time! :) I guess it goes to show that since the doctrine hasn't changed, neither have the lessons....

I get to go at 7am tomorrow at work at the church Dairy with the youth. Shoveling manure is a great way to start the day! :P

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Who Knew!

Take this test!
Maria Portokalos may not have been the focus of the movie, but that's the only way she would have had it. You, like Maria, are the backbone of your family, but you do it without ever wanting to be the center of attention. You know what we're talking about — your kids always seek out your well-thought-out and sincere advice, and your husband knows who really wears the pants in your house.

You consider motherhood a delicate balancing act — you're strong and tough when necessary, but it's tempered with love and respect. Fiercely loyal, you always act with your family's best interest at heart. And that's just the way you want it.

Ashton Boy

He has been saying some rather funny things lately. Here are a few....

While drinking grape kool aide, he said it tasted like a Popsicle!

"That is totally not wicked, mom."

"No Capes!"

"Myra gave me kisses, YUCKY!"

"I'm not a happy child."

"My grandma hates cows."

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Color Purple

When Darin and I decided to name our second daughter Violet, one of the things I was concerned about, was that either her favorite color would be purple, or that she would absolutely detest the color. I posted the new poll, because Violet's favorite color had changed. It is no longer yellow. She still really likes the color yellow, but her fav is now...purple. We will see what comes of this.

Yesterday we got to hear from Elder Hinkley (Pres. Hinkley's son) at our Stake Conference. Our Stake now only has 7 wards, instead of 13. Amazing! Our wards poor primary. They lost the second counselor and a teacher to Stake RS pres. and Stake Primary. The have so many holes to fill. The meeting was good. We heard a lot about staying out of debt, always a good reminder. Darin and I have done fairly well with that. We have debit, but compared to some, it doesn't seem like much. But you never now what will be thrown your way...

Violet has her second round of Karate today. She really enjoys it. Darin is meeting us there to watch today. It should be fun.

Myra has been up about every 2 or 3 hours during the night. It's exhausting. I have a new born again! I think it's teeth..she has a stuff nose. I hope it clears up soon. TTFN!

Saturday, May 17, 2008


We went to the park on Thursday to celebrate Judy Elaine's birthday. Man, I got so burned on my legs. I covered my face and arms and neck, but not my legs. I was grateful on Friday when only three of us showed up to volleyball. Bummer, we couldn't knee pads. I would have died!

The park was fun with Judy and other friends. On Friday we went to a park here and played and played. I walked with the kids to the park (trying to conserve gas. It's sooo expensive!) and about died pushing them all up the huge hill on the way home. UGh. It was my parent's anniversary yesterday. My dad actually planned their whole date a couple of weeks ahead of time. Way to go Dad! I hear they had a nice time at the movie. They saw Prince Caspian.

Thanks mom and dad for all that you do for us. We love you so much. You are such amazing people. We love you !

Yesterday night was also ward temple night. It was good (like it could be bad, right). Then we went out to eat after with some friends. I felt bad for the babysitter because she left Ashton's door open when she put him to bed and he got out and woke up Myra, and she was up until we got home. Then Vi was up all night with Croup. Isn't it the wrong season for croup? She was "sleeping" in our room so she wouldn't wake up the baby. I hope she is better tonight. I missed an IHH meeting this morning, because I didn't want to infect everyone else's kids. I hear the meeting was productive. I have a lot of work to do.

Well, we are off for a walk. Enjoy your day, I hope the sun is shinning!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A new look

Darin was finally able to cut our lawn yesterday. It looks nice and Green. Do dandy lions! I have been working on other parts of the yard, mainly the overgrown flower beds. Not too shabby. Now I just need to get a few annuals to plant and color things up since all of my tulips and daffodils are gone. I still have Gladiolas that have yet to bloom. I have one flowering pot to take tot he cemetery and am contemplating buying another, just in case someone decides to steal from the cemetery again.

So, the grass got a hair cut, and so did Vi. She came our of the office last week and had short stubble in the very front of her forehead. I looked at her and asked her if she cut her head, and she grimaced and said, yes. AGH!! It's not quite enough hair to make me want to cut bangs on her, but it is enough that I notice how funny it looks, every day!

Myra is the amazing moving girl. She scoots herself around the floor. Okay, she pushes herself backwards. She arcs her back and pushes that way too. Now I have to keep a close eye on that girl! I am just so busy trying to figure out this new calling. Violet made me a cute card for mother's day and sang to me at church. I missed Elaine a lot this year.

Saturday was our ward service auction for the youth. They were earning money for youth conference and girls camp. Darin drew this AMAZING black and white picture of Christ in Gethsemane. WOW! Our friend bought it for his wife for mothers day. Man was she excited!

Friday we played D & D. It was a lot of fun. Monday we had our neighbor over for dinner. We had a BBQ. Of course it was chilly and rainy, but it was still fun. They live across the street, and yet we don't see them much. Imagine that! :)

Happy 28th Wedding Anniversary, MOM & DAD!!

Happy 2nd Birthday Judy Elaine (on the 18th).

Friday, May 9, 2008

Do it yourself....

Darin sure has some "interesting" hobbies. We use the track ball mouse, ever you would refer to plural computer mice...Anyway a couple of them are getting old and worn down. Darin decided it would be fun to fix them himself. That's right, Darin is refurbishing our computer mouse.

He has spent hours and hours, days and weeks on this. He sanded off all the old paint (after taking it all apart) and then sanded some more. Thank goodness for the Dremil. Then came all the coats of paint. Black, spray paint. He got antsy once and put his hand on it before it was dry so it had a nice palm print. So of course he had to re-sand and repaint it.

I think it is done now, he just needs to put it all back together. I hope that it will work. Funny husband. Who needs to spend a few bucks to replace a mouse when you can just build your own?

We had our first thunder storm of the season this week. It was fast moving, but always fun for some reason. My friend Deann still about wets her pants every time she hears a thunder clap, but that's okay. :)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


How Long Could You Survive Trapped In Your Own Home?
Created by OnePlusYou

I thought that this was pretty interesting. I guesstimated on the lbs. of food. I think I was pretty close.
and by the looks of my poll, we need to be working on finishing up our 72 hour kits!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008


Well, we had a great trip to Moab with the Quigleys this weekend. We saw so many beautiful places! Nature is truly amazing!

We left Friday evening and I was surprised it only took 3 hours to drive there. Nice! Of course Ashton refuses to go to sleep well unless he is in h is own room. He was up, both nights until about midnight. Crazy boy. Myra did pretty good. She had a crib. Saturday was a fun day. We went to Arches National Park. It is so gorgeous. If you haven't been there, you should! The scenery is out of this world! We drove, and hiked around some of the different trails. We went to this one part (sorry, I don't remember any names) that had tons of fine, red sand. we had brought sand toys and the kids played and played. They loved hiking around, looking at lizards. Par for the course, Ashton fell several times and his knees look like hamburger. After Arches, we swam in the hotel pool and had dinner. The weather was pretty nice. Not too warm or too cool. It was overcast, but nice.

Unfortunately Cole got sick and was puking Saturday night and Sunday. I hope he is feeling better today! Sunday we went to Hole N' the Rock. It is an amazing place. I bought a book on it and feel all ed-ju-ma-cated. We also stopped by Red cliffs Lodge (I think that was the name) and went to a museum about all the movies that have been filmed in that area. So many! I say all kinds of John Wayne memorabilia, Dad. are you jealous? Don't worry, we took pictures which I'll post when I get them developed. Ashton said his favorite part was the mountains, and Violets was the hiking and exploring. Plus she had all kinds of fun playing with Nathan! Thanks Quigleys for taking us. You are the best!

Today I got to watch my friends the Marvel's daughter Marisa (no, she isn't named after me) while they had an invitro procedure. Good luck with that guys!!