Friday, May 23, 2008

As time goes by

I was preparing my lesson that I have to teach in YW's yesterday. I decided to look through all of the stuff I still have from when I was in YW's to try and find some sort of cute handout. There is once int he manual, but I wanted more than one. So, I pulled out my box of stuff and began sorting through. Low and behold I found not one, but two of the same exact handout that is in the lesson manual. Since there are only 3 books and you are in YW's for 6 years, that equals out to each lesson twice. That explains why I have two of the same exact handout. Ok, the fact that here it is so many years later and I still have them is a little sad. I did find some good stuff to use for girls camp and such. It wasn't a complete waste of time! :) I guess it goes to show that since the doctrine hasn't changed, neither have the lessons....

I get to go at 7am tomorrow at work at the church Dairy with the youth. Shoveling manure is a great way to start the day! :P


Noni Andrew said...

That fact just confirms that the gospel is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and so are God's laws and plans for us. Sometimes we see and read things that really turn the light on. Endure to the end. Even shoveling manure. Thanks for your help so that so many others can be helped. Keep up all your good work. Love you all.