Saturday, May 17, 2008


We went to the park on Thursday to celebrate Judy Elaine's birthday. Man, I got so burned on my legs. I covered my face and arms and neck, but not my legs. I was grateful on Friday when only three of us showed up to volleyball. Bummer, we couldn't knee pads. I would have died!

The park was fun with Judy and other friends. On Friday we went to a park here and played and played. I walked with the kids to the park (trying to conserve gas. It's sooo expensive!) and about died pushing them all up the huge hill on the way home. UGh. It was my parent's anniversary yesterday. My dad actually planned their whole date a couple of weeks ahead of time. Way to go Dad! I hear they had a nice time at the movie. They saw Prince Caspian.

Thanks mom and dad for all that you do for us. We love you so much. You are such amazing people. We love you !

Yesterday night was also ward temple night. It was good (like it could be bad, right). Then we went out to eat after with some friends. I felt bad for the babysitter because she left Ashton's door open when she put him to bed and he got out and woke up Myra, and she was up until we got home. Then Vi was up all night with Croup. Isn't it the wrong season for croup? She was "sleeping" in our room so she wouldn't wake up the baby. I hope she is better tonight. I missed an IHH meeting this morning, because I didn't want to infect everyone else's kids. I hear the meeting was productive. I have a lot of work to do.

Well, we are off for a walk. Enjoy your day, I hope the sun is shinning!


Janice said...

You're lucky Dale isn't there to get even with you for when you slapped his legs when he got so burnt canoeing down the Russian River!!! Hugs.

Noni Andrew said...

Thanks for the news. Hope you are feeling better. Nice that the park is close enough to walk, too bad for the hill. Hopefully Myra will get back on a all night sleeping schedule soon. Hugs and kisses.