Monday, May 19, 2008

The Color Purple

When Darin and I decided to name our second daughter Violet, one of the things I was concerned about, was that either her favorite color would be purple, or that she would absolutely detest the color. I posted the new poll, because Violet's favorite color had changed. It is no longer yellow. She still really likes the color yellow, but her fav is now...purple. We will see what comes of this.

Yesterday we got to hear from Elder Hinkley (Pres. Hinkley's son) at our Stake Conference. Our Stake now only has 7 wards, instead of 13. Amazing! Our wards poor primary. They lost the second counselor and a teacher to Stake RS pres. and Stake Primary. The have so many holes to fill. The meeting was good. We heard a lot about staying out of debt, always a good reminder. Darin and I have done fairly well with that. We have debit, but compared to some, it doesn't seem like much. But you never now what will be thrown your way...

Violet has her second round of Karate today. She really enjoys it. Darin is meeting us there to watch today. It should be fun.

Myra has been up about every 2 or 3 hours during the night. It's exhausting. I have a new born again! I think it's teeth..she has a stuff nose. I hope it clears up soon. TTFN!