Friday, May 9, 2008

Do it yourself....

Darin sure has some "interesting" hobbies. We use the track ball mouse, ever you would refer to plural computer mice...Anyway a couple of them are getting old and worn down. Darin decided it would be fun to fix them himself. That's right, Darin is refurbishing our computer mouse.

He has spent hours and hours, days and weeks on this. He sanded off all the old paint (after taking it all apart) and then sanded some more. Thank goodness for the Dremil. Then came all the coats of paint. Black, spray paint. He got antsy once and put his hand on it before it was dry so it had a nice palm print. So of course he had to re-sand and repaint it.

I think it is done now, he just needs to put it all back together. I hope that it will work. Funny husband. Who needs to spend a few bucks to replace a mouse when you can just build your own?

We had our first thunder storm of the season this week. It was fast moving, but always fun for some reason. My friend Deann still about wets her pants every time she hears a thunder clap, but that's okay. :)


Janice said...

He's definately and Andrew isn't he???? I'm sure it will be the coolest looking mouse ever though. Hugs. Janice