Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Well, the weekend came and went. We don't have a whole lot to show for it either. The weather on Monday was crummy, so no yard work for us. We did go to the cemetery on Friday, Sunday and Monday. It looked beautiful as always. Thank you to those who left flowers for Elaine. While we were at the cemetery on Sunday we got to meet Andrea, Wyatt's mom. Thanks so much!

Myra has been trying a lot of new foods lately. She's had pizza crusts, watermelon, Cheerios, anything bready she can manage. She is good about spitting something out if it is too big. She had avocado again today, but this time she didn't like it. Funny kid. Violet decided to teach herself to ride a two wheeler without training wheels, since her friends can do it. She is getting better.

Saturday started out bright and early. 7am! A trip to the church Dairy with the ward. PU!!! It is a good opportunity to work and serve, but man it smells! We did a lot of major (up to my thighs) of weeding, and odd jobs. The messiest was throwing/ rolling/dragging tires off of the top of the silage pile, into tractors to be dumped in a pile for later. The silage wreaked and I got covered in mud and gross water. Then it was off to the Drakes where the rest of my family was helping to remove like 6 full grown pine trees. It was mostly done when I got there. It looks so nice now!

I'm glad that Elaine has a place where we can remember her. I have several flowers to plant in my yard now. There is even a perennial that will last longer than the one year! Violet's favorite part of the cemetery was following people around and "making friends." Ashton loved the pin wheels.

Happy Birthday today to Aaron!! You are an old old old man! :)


Josh & Darla ~ Paul, Nicholas, & Andrew said...

I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy reading your blog. You're so cheerful, and I love the quizes and stuff you post too! I always have to try them. :D

Melissa said...

It was actually 10 trees!! :)