Monday, May 5, 2008


Well, we had a great trip to Moab with the Quigleys this weekend. We saw so many beautiful places! Nature is truly amazing!

We left Friday evening and I was surprised it only took 3 hours to drive there. Nice! Of course Ashton refuses to go to sleep well unless he is in h is own room. He was up, both nights until about midnight. Crazy boy. Myra did pretty good. She had a crib. Saturday was a fun day. We went to Arches National Park. It is so gorgeous. If you haven't been there, you should! The scenery is out of this world! We drove, and hiked around some of the different trails. We went to this one part (sorry, I don't remember any names) that had tons of fine, red sand. we had brought sand toys and the kids played and played. They loved hiking around, looking at lizards. Par for the course, Ashton fell several times and his knees look like hamburger. After Arches, we swam in the hotel pool and had dinner. The weather was pretty nice. Not too warm or too cool. It was overcast, but nice.

Unfortunately Cole got sick and was puking Saturday night and Sunday. I hope he is feeling better today! Sunday we went to Hole N' the Rock. It is an amazing place. I bought a book on it and feel all ed-ju-ma-cated. We also stopped by Red cliffs Lodge (I think that was the name) and went to a museum about all the movies that have been filmed in that area. So many! I say all kinds of John Wayne memorabilia, Dad. are you jealous? Don't worry, we took pictures which I'll post when I get them developed. Ashton said his favorite part was the mountains, and Violets was the hiking and exploring. Plus she had all kinds of fun playing with Nathan! Thanks Quigleys for taking us. You are the best!

Today I got to watch my friends the Marvel's daughter Marisa (no, she isn't named after me) while they had an invitro procedure. Good luck with that guys!!


Brynn said...

We loved Hole N' the Rock. Chad wants to live there ;)

Noni Andrew said...

We are glad your family were able to go and have so much fun together. You will always remember how wonderful everything was. Glad you are all fine. love you all

Michelle said...

how fun! That is on my list of future sights to see in Utah.