Monday, June 30, 2008

Good Bye Charlie

This week has been tough for some members of IHH. Little Charlie passed on to a new life on Thursday. He was born the same day as our Myra. He was such a fighter. Our hearts go out to his family and the mourn and grieve for their little boy. It's the worst thing in the world to bury your child. Please pray for their family. He will be missed!

The day I found out about Charlies death, I had already been missing Elaine a lot. I unpacked the 12 month clothes for Myra, that Elaine had worn once upon a time. The tote that those clothes are in has Elaine's little foot print on the top. I wonder how much her feet would have grown by now? I miss Elaine everyday. The Hossfields will miss Charlie everyday. It is so hard. I am so sorry.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Habitat for Humanity

During the past few weekes we have watched an empty, over grown lot turn into a home. Habitat for Humanity. It has been amazing to see how quickly it has all come together. The sidewalk is going in today. It is a welcome addition to our neighborhood! The house is beautiful! There have been so many people working day after day, and it is humbling to know that it is all volunteers! What an amazing thing! And such a blessing and miracle for that family!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Okay, I am still playing catch up with last week. Good thing this week doesn't have much to blog about yet! :0)

Friday was a busy day. If any one in Elk Ridge was wondering if the fire alarms in their Stake Center work, worry no longer. They are nice a loud. As we were cleaning up from Volleyball, suddenly the alarm starts to sound. Lights are flashing, a person is loudly saying, "please leave the building. There is an emergency. Officials are on the way." So on an so forth, the siren was loud. Almost instantly Violet comes in and she is hysterical. "Ashton pushed the button, Ashton pushed the button! What is happening? We HAVE to get out!" She was freaked! So, I have her show me where he is and sure enough, he had pulled the fire alarm. Too bad it's nice and low, with no box around it or anything. I'm surprised this sort of thing hadn't happened before.

Long story short, it took the Fire department 30 minutes to come the three blocks tot he church building. I'm glad I don't live there! No one was very upset. I was embarrassed, but there was nothing to be done. I missed play group. I found out later than my friends son pulled a fire alarm a few hours later at a McDonald's. Something must be in the air....

That evening was another Desert Star Evening! YAY! Darin got caught up at work playing ping pong and met us at the Texas Roadhouse, instead of at our friends' house. Dinner was good. I think the atmosphere is a little nut there. It is sooo loud you can't hear yourself think! The show was not my fav. It opened recently and seemed like they weren't in their groove yet. It was "Indiana Bones." There were humorous jokes and good songs. I think the thing that really made the show hard, was the new accompanist. I couldn't hear her very well. Everyone missed the cues for the cheering and booing. Bummer. We miss Alex. Come back Alex! :) We did purchase tickets for the 2009 season. More fun to be had by all.....

It was also Chris Andrew's Birthday that day! Happy Birthday Christopher Robin!!! :P

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mormon Miracle Pageant

Wednesday was mutual like usual. We drove out to Manti to attend the Mormon Miracle Pageant. It was my first time seeing it all the way through. the last time I went I was very, very pregnant with Ashton. There was so much thunder and lightning, that the pageant was canceled 3/4 of the way through. Bummer. This time, I got to see the end. I was a little disappointed that it is pre-recorded and the actors aren't doing any of the speaking. The effects were cool, especially Moroni and the volcano.

We (YW) drove up, but none of the YM's Presidency went....funny. We had about 30 youth that went. Since we were on a week night, traffic wasn't bad and I was in bed before 1am. If you are ever in the neighborhood during production, go!! It is a great way to share the gospel and tell the story of the Mormon Miracle.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Judy Elaine

Here is a picture of Judy Elaine. Her mom took her to the freedom Festival Baby contest today. She was NOT happy about it. She looks pretty darn cute though. My favorite quote of the day comes from Deann, "The wind is pretty windy!" Really?! That's so weird. Ha Ha.

I have started reading Twilight and have a hard time getting anything else done. It's so good. I hope my lesson goes over well tomorrow! :0)

Happy Late birthday to....
Luke Gozart
Chris Andrew
Sarah Bouck who all celebrated their birthday's yesterday.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

He He He, Ha Ha Ha

Violet - While eating corn on the cob....."This tastes better than ice cream!"

We had a lot of fun with the other Andrew's on Saturday. You can read about it on Brynn's Blog. Here are a couple of pictures I stole.

Ashton played in the freezing cold pool for about an hour. He was so cold afterwards that he couldn't bend his knees to walk up the stairs. He also discovered skate boards. This will be his potty training incentive.

Myra loved all the attention. She got to eat Chad's Popsicle. I think it was the highlight of her day. Violet had a blast with all of the kids. They always have a good time. We enjoyed visiting and watching the kids. Thanks for the good food! I can't wait to see Jacki's video. It is the best. Where is it, guys?!?!!

Darin and I finished Ender's Game last night. It was good. I loved the twists in it. I did predict a couple of things, but it was a fantastic read. If you like Sci - Fi I recommend this book. Can't wait to start the next one.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Emergency Grains for Babies

Ever wonder about what you could feed your infant if you were living of your food storage? Well wonder no longer! He is some information that I found....

Infant Formula

"According to BYU's agronomy department, beans mixed with grains form a high-quality, complete protein that can be tolerated by people of all ages, even infants, should breast milk not be available.

Baby Cereal:

Mix 1/4 cup very fine millet flour or brown rice flour with 2 Tablespoons very fine bean flour (any kind) and 1 cup water. **Increase to 2 cups water for formula

Grains for babies:

There are many grains that babies and old people cannot eat because their digestive system is not what it should be. This is an excellent combination of rains even babies can eat. you may try one grain at a time and then add the others. Store excess ground grains in the freezer to save nutrients.

One part oat groats

One part hulled Barley

One part brown rice

One part hulled Millet

**Mix these grains together, and grind very fine.**

Baby Food:

1 T. grain mix flour for babies

1/2 cup water, heat slowly for about 5 minutes.

Add applesauce, banana, peach or any other fruit.

Mash fruit and add to mixture, add a shake of salt.

Brown rice will not store well unless refrigerated. Instead you can buy RED rice and it was lots of nutrients and will store longer, or else use white rice.
####Congrats to my cousin on the birth of her cute, darling baby boy, Ellis Wayne!!####

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Whew, it was such a whirl wind of a trip, I don't even know where to begin! We left on Wednesday. We picked Darin up from work. I won't fill you in on the whole book on tape fiasco. If you want details, ask Darin. :)

We drove through the night. The kids were good. Darin decided he was only going to drive at a max of 65 MPH, so that added about an hour on to our trip. UGH. And our air bag light decided to stay on. Great, still have to see what is up with that. Once we figured out it wasn't going to blow up on us, we continued our drive.

Thursday we (Darin and I) slept. My parents watched the kids. My brother came over after work. His wife came over in the evening. Darin's brother Dale and his family were leaving for a vacation that night, so they took us out to dinner. It was a lot of fun. Our kids were only slightly insane from being cooped up in a car the night before. They had fun with their cousins. Later on in the evening we met with some people from the wedding, went over plans, etc.

Friday was crazy. We went to the beach in the morning. It was very very windy. It was sunny though. We didn't stay for too long, Darin didn't get to finish his castle, but it was worth it. It was so relaxing, listening to the waves and such. I miss that!

We got back and the bride had been over. I missed her!! She had dropped off my dress. My mom graciously did some last minute altering for me. The jacket didn't really fit, so we redesigned it slightly and fixed a couple other things. I had the wedding rehearsal at 4pm. The place, The Bridal Path, was pretty nice. There were horses to watch. It was hot. We practiced where we would stand during the ceremony, where we would walk, who we would walk with, that kind of stuff. We did a lot of standing around. It gave me time to visit with the other bridesmaids though. It was fun to get to know them. After wards it was off to the Union Hotel for the rehearsal dinner.

On my way home from the dinner I stopped by my friends sister's wedding open house. My parents and brother were there. it was great to visit with Emily and see other's I hadn't seen in literally years, almost decades. Yikes. While I was busy with all this wedding stuff, Darin got to take the kids and spend the day with his mom and dad. They all enjoyed themselves. Here are some pictures of their time at the park.

Saturday morning, I wend to Indigo Hair Studio where my (ok Darin's) amazing niece Shana did my hair. I have a lot of hair, so it was quite a task. I hadn't seen her for a while so we were able to catch up and talk about our families and things. Shana did such a fabulous job. I told her the only thing that I was worried about was that my hair would be better that the brides....he he. I absolutely love getting my hair done. It makes me feel so special and pretty. It's fun to have occasions to get fancied up!

The wedding was beautiful. The weather was warm, but there was a breeze. SueZann's dress was breath taking. She looked fabulous. The poor girl had to wait in a tiny room with no air conditioning while the groom had his pics taken, so he wouldn't see her and all. We were trying to fan her and keep her cool. When the time arrived, everything went smooth. There were no major catastrophes. The Bride and her Father pulled up in a horse drawn carriage -just like a real princess. The ceremony was only about 30 minutes. Then we followed Mr. & Mrs. Depp to the carriage and watched them open champagne and toast each other.

The reception was good and I was home by 8pm. My mom is doing several encasement's for them, and so I had the job of transporting all of the flowers. Our bouquets were to die for. The sweet pea and other flowers had a fabulous smell. Plus they complimented our dresses perfectly. My parents and Josh & Renee had left early and took the kids. Darin and I got to stay and mingle and Dance!! We requested a swing song and had a lot of fun. SueZann & Jeremy are in Disney World for their honeymoon! Sounds like fun!

We left for home on Sunday morning. I think the cutest part of the wedding was when SueZann and her father danced to "I loved her First" and they both cried. It was sweet. Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day. Happy Wedding & rest of your life! We love you!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my cousin Jared!!! We hope it's the best!

Monday, June 9, 2008


Oh Romeo.....
Me,Jill & Holly

Kids AHHHHH!!!!

Wedding Party

Every Princess' Dream. A beautiful, horse drawn carriage

SueZann & Jeremy right after the "Kiss".

The Score, the fish and the bike in the street

Just a few random things to post about here, before I post about all the fun in Cali. These things all happened on Monday or Tuesday. So Monday was a bit of a crazy day, what with Play dates, Karate and friends coming over for FHE. I felt like a crazy woman. Well, I was trying to prepare for our trip to Cali and gave Ashton some goldfish crackers to take downstairs. I guess he decided he wanted some more and took down the entire Costco bag of crackers. When I go a few minutes later to get him for Karate he had managed to dump them all out and smashed most of them! UGHHHH! No time to clean them up before it was time to go, but he was not happy when he did have to clean them. It was a huge mess and I am still finding some down there.

Tuesday was a volleyball day. YAY! Since gas prices are killing us and all, we have been walking. Violet rode her bike. Afterwards we get outside and her bike is no where to be seen. She is in hysterics! I am mad, who would steal a little girls bike from outside a church? I had contemplated bringing the bike inside the church, but the wheels were dirty since we'd had rain and I thought we'd get the carpet all filthy. Well, eventually we found the bike, abandoned in the edge of the parking lot, on the other side of the building. GRRRRR. I'm glad Vi didn't have it gone forever, plus I wouldn't have been able to buy a new one.

Later on Tuesday, we were on our way to a birthday party and saw a sign for a picnic table for sale. The table is huge. If we put chairs on the end it seats 12 people. It is a nice sturdy one like they have at parks, with the metal underneath holding things together and then the wood. We had been looking into something for the back year, and this was perfect. I went and talked to the people selling it. They are in our ward and sold us the picnic table and another larger church type table for only $15. I am still so stoked about this awesome find. They just didn't need the stuff anymore...yippie for us. They even dropped it off at my house. Free delivery! Thanks so much Haskells!! You rock! We love our new tables!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Amazing Violet Strikes Again

This time she has taught herself to ride her two wheeler without training wheels. Some of her friends int he neighborhood can ride without them. Granted they are all a year or two older, but she felt the need to learn. It only took her about 2 or 3 days in the backyard to get the balancing down. She never really had any help from mom or dad, so way to go Violet!! She has all the bruises up and down her legs to prove it too!

Myra sticks her tongue out a lot! She is very near an actual crawl. Cute girl!

Our cat, especially int he winter, will claw at the screen door to be let in. Over the 2 years we've had him, he managed to create a hole in the screen. GRRRRRRRR. Well, Ashton decided that is a fun thing to mess with, and uses the hole for a handle to open and close the screen. So basically, our screen has a HUGE hole now. Our cat, Gink, was inside one day and instead of meowing to be let out, he simply jumped up and out the hole in the door. Little stinker! He basically created his own, homemade cat door. So much for using the screen to keep out insects, let alone small animals! He uses it now on a regular basis. Maybe someday we will patch it?