Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Amazing Violet Strikes Again

This time she has taught herself to ride her two wheeler without training wheels. Some of her friends int he neighborhood can ride without them. Granted they are all a year or two older, but she felt the need to learn. It only took her about 2 or 3 days in the backyard to get the balancing down. She never really had any help from mom or dad, so way to go Violet!! She has all the bruises up and down her legs to prove it too!

Myra sticks her tongue out a lot! She is very near an actual crawl. Cute girl!

Our cat, especially int he winter, will claw at the screen door to be let in. Over the 2 years we've had him, he managed to create a hole in the screen. GRRRRRRRR. Well, Ashton decided that is a fun thing to mess with, and uses the hole for a handle to open and close the screen. So basically, our screen has a HUGE hole now. Our cat, Gink, was inside one day and instead of meowing to be let out, he simply jumped up and out the hole in the door. Little stinker! He basically created his own, homemade cat door. So much for using the screen to keep out insects, let alone small animals! He uses it now on a regular basis. Maybe someday we will patch it?


LambFam said...

Hey sounds like your cat created a successful door for itself. We are doing good. Hopefully this kid will come out soon. I am just way uncomfortable and squished. You know how it is. We have the essentials ready I guess the rest will have to wait until I have a little more energy.