Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Whew, it was such a whirl wind of a trip, I don't even know where to begin! We left on Wednesday. We picked Darin up from work. I won't fill you in on the whole book on tape fiasco. If you want details, ask Darin. :)

We drove through the night. The kids were good. Darin decided he was only going to drive at a max of 65 MPH, so that added about an hour on to our trip. UGH. And our air bag light decided to stay on. Great, still have to see what is up with that. Once we figured out it wasn't going to blow up on us, we continued our drive.

Thursday we (Darin and I) slept. My parents watched the kids. My brother came over after work. His wife came over in the evening. Darin's brother Dale and his family were leaving for a vacation that night, so they took us out to dinner. It was a lot of fun. Our kids were only slightly insane from being cooped up in a car the night before. They had fun with their cousins. Later on in the evening we met with some people from the wedding, went over plans, etc.

Friday was crazy. We went to the beach in the morning. It was very very windy. It was sunny though. We didn't stay for too long, Darin didn't get to finish his castle, but it was worth it. It was so relaxing, listening to the waves and such. I miss that!

We got back and the bride had been over. I missed her!! She had dropped off my dress. My mom graciously did some last minute altering for me. The jacket didn't really fit, so we redesigned it slightly and fixed a couple other things. I had the wedding rehearsal at 4pm. The place, The Bridal Path, was pretty nice. There were horses to watch. It was hot. We practiced where we would stand during the ceremony, where we would walk, who we would walk with, that kind of stuff. We did a lot of standing around. It gave me time to visit with the other bridesmaids though. It was fun to get to know them. After wards it was off to the Union Hotel for the rehearsal dinner.

On my way home from the dinner I stopped by my friends sister's wedding open house. My parents and brother were there. it was great to visit with Emily and see other's I hadn't seen in literally years, almost decades. Yikes. While I was busy with all this wedding stuff, Darin got to take the kids and spend the day with his mom and dad. They all enjoyed themselves. Here are some pictures of their time at the park.

Saturday morning, I wend to Indigo Hair Studio where my (ok Darin's) amazing niece Shana did my hair. I have a lot of hair, so it was quite a task. I hadn't seen her for a while so we were able to catch up and talk about our families and things. Shana did such a fabulous job. I told her the only thing that I was worried about was that my hair would be better that the brides....he he. I absolutely love getting my hair done. It makes me feel so special and pretty. It's fun to have occasions to get fancied up!

The wedding was beautiful. The weather was warm, but there was a breeze. SueZann's dress was breath taking. She looked fabulous. The poor girl had to wait in a tiny room with no air conditioning while the groom had his pics taken, so he wouldn't see her and all. We were trying to fan her and keep her cool. When the time arrived, everything went smooth. There were no major catastrophes. The Bride and her Father pulled up in a horse drawn carriage -just like a real princess. The ceremony was only about 30 minutes. Then we followed Mr. & Mrs. Depp to the carriage and watched them open champagne and toast each other.

The reception was good and I was home by 8pm. My mom is doing several encasement's for them, and so I had the job of transporting all of the flowers. Our bouquets were to die for. The sweet pea and other flowers had a fabulous smell. Plus they complimented our dresses perfectly. My parents and Josh & Renee had left early and took the kids. Darin and I got to stay and mingle and Dance!! We requested a swing song and had a lot of fun. SueZann & Jeremy are in Disney World for their honeymoon! Sounds like fun!

We left for home on Sunday morning. I think the cutest part of the wedding was when SueZann and her father danced to "I loved her First" and they both cried. It was sweet. Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day. Happy Wedding & rest of your life! We love you!


Rick said...

Just happen to be passing through. I got tired looking at all the stuff you did on your trip.

Beautiful children BTW.

Noni Andrew said...

We had a great time playing at the park and visiting with everyone. Wish we could see you more often. thanks for the times and expense you do so we can see you. Love you all

Andrew & Sarah said...

Was that SuzAnne Lopes? from the old 7th ward?