Saturday, June 14, 2008

Emergency Grains for Babies

Ever wonder about what you could feed your infant if you were living of your food storage? Well wonder no longer! He is some information that I found....

Infant Formula

"According to BYU's agronomy department, beans mixed with grains form a high-quality, complete protein that can be tolerated by people of all ages, even infants, should breast milk not be available.

Baby Cereal:

Mix 1/4 cup very fine millet flour or brown rice flour with 2 Tablespoons very fine bean flour (any kind) and 1 cup water. **Increase to 2 cups water for formula

Grains for babies:

There are many grains that babies and old people cannot eat because their digestive system is not what it should be. This is an excellent combination of rains even babies can eat. you may try one grain at a time and then add the others. Store excess ground grains in the freezer to save nutrients.

One part oat groats

One part hulled Barley

One part brown rice

One part hulled Millet

**Mix these grains together, and grind very fine.**

Baby Food:

1 T. grain mix flour for babies

1/2 cup water, heat slowly for about 5 minutes.

Add applesauce, banana, peach or any other fruit.

Mash fruit and add to mixture, add a shake of salt.

Brown rice will not store well unless refrigerated. Instead you can buy RED rice and it was lots of nutrients and will store longer, or else use white rice.
####Congrats to my cousin on the birth of her cute, darling baby boy, Ellis Wayne!!####