Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Okay, I am still playing catch up with last week. Good thing this week doesn't have much to blog about yet! :0)

Friday was a busy day. If any one in Elk Ridge was wondering if the fire alarms in their Stake Center work, worry no longer. They are nice a loud. As we were cleaning up from Volleyball, suddenly the alarm starts to sound. Lights are flashing, a person is loudly saying, "please leave the building. There is an emergency. Officials are on the way." So on an so forth, the siren was loud. Almost instantly Violet comes in and she is hysterical. "Ashton pushed the button, Ashton pushed the button! What is happening? We HAVE to get out!" She was freaked! So, I have her show me where he is and sure enough, he had pulled the fire alarm. Too bad it's nice and low, with no box around it or anything. I'm surprised this sort of thing hadn't happened before.

Long story short, it took the Fire department 30 minutes to come the three blocks tot he church building. I'm glad I don't live there! No one was very upset. I was embarrassed, but there was nothing to be done. I missed play group. I found out later than my friends son pulled a fire alarm a few hours later at a McDonald's. Something must be in the air....

That evening was another Desert Star Evening! YAY! Darin got caught up at work playing ping pong and met us at the Texas Roadhouse, instead of at our friends' house. Dinner was good. I think the atmosphere is a little nut there. It is sooo loud you can't hear yourself think! The show was not my fav. It opened recently and seemed like they weren't in their groove yet. It was "Indiana Bones." There were humorous jokes and good songs. I think the thing that really made the show hard, was the new accompanist. I couldn't hear her very well. Everyone missed the cues for the cheering and booing. Bummer. We miss Alex. Come back Alex! :) We did purchase tickets for the 2009 season. More fun to be had by all.....

It was also Chris Andrew's Birthday that day! Happy Birthday Christopher Robin!!! :P


The Ilsley Family said...

I sent you an email with the info from the wedding! Talk to you Soon!