Monday, June 9, 2008

The Score, the fish and the bike in the street

Just a few random things to post about here, before I post about all the fun in Cali. These things all happened on Monday or Tuesday. So Monday was a bit of a crazy day, what with Play dates, Karate and friends coming over for FHE. I felt like a crazy woman. Well, I was trying to prepare for our trip to Cali and gave Ashton some goldfish crackers to take downstairs. I guess he decided he wanted some more and took down the entire Costco bag of crackers. When I go a few minutes later to get him for Karate he had managed to dump them all out and smashed most of them! UGHHHH! No time to clean them up before it was time to go, but he was not happy when he did have to clean them. It was a huge mess and I am still finding some down there.

Tuesday was a volleyball day. YAY! Since gas prices are killing us and all, we have been walking. Violet rode her bike. Afterwards we get outside and her bike is no where to be seen. She is in hysterics! I am mad, who would steal a little girls bike from outside a church? I had contemplated bringing the bike inside the church, but the wheels were dirty since we'd had rain and I thought we'd get the carpet all filthy. Well, eventually we found the bike, abandoned in the edge of the parking lot, on the other side of the building. GRRRRR. I'm glad Vi didn't have it gone forever, plus I wouldn't have been able to buy a new one.

Later on Tuesday, we were on our way to a birthday party and saw a sign for a picnic table for sale. The table is huge. If we put chairs on the end it seats 12 people. It is a nice sturdy one like they have at parks, with the metal underneath holding things together and then the wood. We had been looking into something for the back year, and this was perfect. I went and talked to the people selling it. They are in our ward and sold us the picnic table and another larger church type table for only $15. I am still so stoked about this awesome find. They just didn't need the stuff anymore...yippie for us. They even dropped it off at my house. Free delivery! Thanks so much Haskells!! You rock! We love our new tables!