Tuesday, July 8, 2008

9 months old, eyes of blue...

Just say the title as you sing the song "5'2" eyes of blue", it works better that way. :) Myra had her check up today. She was so cute. Maybe that's because she didn't need shots. Here are the stats:

Weight: 16# 12oz (17%tile)

Height: 26.5" (15.95%tile)

Head: 12.5" (63.7%tile)

Yes, I know she is short. If she continues on this rate, she will be about 5'3" as an adult. Not bad. She as a tiny cold, and is teething. Nothing out of the ordinary. He was impressed she already stands and cruises a bit. I have caught her standing alone int he middle of the room. Crazy girl. Ashton and Vi were pills at the appointment. I wouldn't expect anything less. I also talked to the Pediatrician about IHH and he said he would talk to his other heart families. We love Word of Mouth!!!

I do have to wonder why it seems Dr. offices are always changing their paper work. I had to fill out all new sheets on my kids. B-days, address etc. I've done that sooooo many times as a parent it is ridiculous. If Elaine was still here, it would have taken me days to fill out.


Noni Andrew said...

That little Myra is a real cutie. I'm glad she is so healthy. It sound like she is thinking about walking soon. Thanks for all the news. I enjoyed your news about the family reunion too. Wish we could see you more often. We love you.