Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Goblin Valley

Friday and Saturday we went with the youth for Youth Conference. We travelled out to Goblin Valley. I will spare you most of the drama. We left Friday afternoon. It was pretty hot once we got there. Gnats are about the most annoying insect on the planet! We set up camp, ate, Darin hiked around with the kids, there was a fireside, games and testimony meeting. It was nice to hear from the youth and listen to their testimonies. They are so awesome! We had probably about 30-40 kids from our ward. I'm still not ever going to get used to having that many in one ward!

Saturday, Myra and Ashton woke up early. Probably around 5:30am or 6pm. By 7am, Darin had injured himself and had to be carried back to our site. He tried bending his knee backwards. Not recommended! He was pretty miserable. We went to Goblin Valley wile it was cooler. If you are not familiar with this state park, it was in the movie "Galaxy Quest" where they fought the rock monster on another planet. It truly looks alien. It was fun to hike around with Vi while Myra and Ashton slept in the car. Definitely worth the drive out to see this one in a million place! Our planet is beautiful and offers up new beauties at every corner!

We left early due to Darin's injury. He is doing fine. He is able to put more weight on it now. He got a nice knee brace from the Dr. Nothing looks damaged, just loose and stretched out. He hurt himself with so much force he has whiplash too. Crazy.


Noni Andrew said...

Sounds like you all had a great time. It is great to be with the youth and family. I hope Darin leg heals up OK. He seems to have more than his share of adventures. Love you all

Janalea said...

Hi there. My name is Janalea Working.I was view your blog that was on lds mom blog (or something like that)anyways I had noticed you had a temp for Payson Utah. Do you live there.The reason why I am asking is that my granparents live there as do most of my aunts and uncles.My maiden name is Carlisle.I was just curious.