Saturday, July 26, 2008

New Pool

A Wednesday or two ago, we had our ward summer party. We had a nice potluck dinner at the Thomas' home. Then it was off to the new city pool! It was so much fun. The best part was that we had the pool all to ourselves. Okay, the rest of the ward was there too. :) It just opened at the beginning of July. There is a big pool for diving and lessons. Then there is a lazy river, two slides and a fun kid area. Unfortunately there were clouds and a breeze the night we went, so unless you were in the water, you were cold.

Ashton had so much fun going down the same water slide in the baby area. He did it all night long. He ventured out a couple of times in to the deeper area and had to be rescued. Silly man. I went down both slides. They are fun. Not super long. My favorite feature that the pool sports, is the flooring for the pools. They are rubber and have little grippy things. Your feet don't get all chewed up and it is harder to slip. Thanks for the fun night!