Monday, July 14, 2008

Olsen Family Reunion

Whew, it has been a whirl wind around here, and I am trying my best to post on everything that has happened. Saturday the 5th was the Olsen family reunion. We went to Heise Hot Springs. We used to go occasionally as a child. It was fun. A little pricey for a swimming pool. My kids were all too young for the water slide. They still had a good time.

My grandfather brought his 5th wheel so we had our own bathroom and changing area. We had a nice lunch together. It was my family, my parent's, Aunt Sandra's family, Uncle Ray, Uncle David, Aunt Donna and my Grandpa. So, five out of eight kids. We played Apples to Apples while some others cooked the meat. The game was a riot! I love that game. Brynne played with us and that added even more fun. I don't know about some of Clint's choices, but he's unique! :)

We had your typical hamburgers and hot dogs, salads, chips, punch. It was a little breezy so we had to keep the napkins in check. We had a pavilion with a fire pit and trash cans. A fire was in the pit and somehow jerry rigged a griddle on top to cook the food. it worked....eventually. It was yummy though. After we went to the pool.

It is a lot of worked getting 3 kids and 2 adults ready to swim. As I was changing, I realized that we had left the baby floaties at the hotel! Oh No!!!!! Unfortunately Myra didn't enjoy the pool as much since she had to be held the entire time. My arms and Darin's got tired. Plus Darin's knee gave him grief unless he stood deep enough in the water where he didn't have to bend it. Violet had fun, we got her a life jacket, and Ashton. They had nothing available for babes. No one got too sunburned. Brynne and Bree were crazy swimmers. They also liked the slide, once the line got shorter. Connor would splash himself int he face and then cry. It was the cutest thing to watch. Kira just stuck to the stairs and didn't venture out much. Clint didn't get in so when the babies got tired, he and the rest of the gang got to watch them.

While we were at the pool everyone else napped or visited. It was a lot of fun to see everyone. I'll see you all again in 2 years for the next one that Sandra is in charge of, if not sooner!

For dinner we ate at Frontier Pies. Yum!! I had a lemon meringue, it was so so so so so good. I love PIE!!!! We gave the kids baths. That's where we got the cute pictures of Myra with the mirror. She found a friend! My favorite was when she was trying to eat the other baby. Silly girl!

Happy Birthday today to my cousin Christina!! I hope it is great!!!


Jenny said...

It sounds like the reunion was fun. I would have liked to have gone. It's too bad I didn't hear about it until after I'd already planned our vacation.

Susan and Chris said...

Wow I was just about to say the same thing as Jenny. Wish we could have been there! Somehow our family missed the memo or something. I didn't hear about it until we'd already booked our camping trip. Hopefully in 2 years!