Friday, August 1, 2008

Energizer Mode

That's what I feeling like I've been doing. I just keep on going, and going and going.....
This week, and especially the last few days through this weekend have been jam packed. I feel like I've been neglecting my kids. They had a sitter yesterday and will have one this afternoon again. What with Young women's and youth activities, IHH events, visiting people at the hospital, funerals, school registrations....holy cow. I even had to cut out a couple of things when times overlapped. How can I be expected to be doing all these things! AGHHHHHH!

I know that next week should be much more mellow. I still have an enrichment activity and an Elder's quorum BBQ, Family Reunion, plus some other things, but I am not quite as full to the gills as they are spread out throughout the week.

I am not prepared for Ashton's upcoming B-day. Or our anniversary. Crazyness!


Jardine Family said...

Hang in there! :)

Noni Andrew said...

Wow!!! Remember you are only one person and need to take care of you too. It is so great to be able to put out so much for others. I remember times like that and I would feel such a good feeling of accomplishment. Although I don't know that I did as many things as you are. God Bless you as you care for others. Love you so much.Take care of you too.