Monday, August 4, 2008

Fire and Water

It has been an eventful weekend to say the least. We had a big fire not miles from our home on Friday night. It was caused by a downed power line. Our church building was used as a temporary shelter by the American Red Cross. Many members of our stake were evacuated for the night. We were at our friend's the Marvels, so we missed most of the action. When we got home late, the mountain was still glowing. I am glad we still had a place to come home to.

the next morning I went to Yuba Lake with some of the youth in the ward. It was a Bishops challenge for the youth to read the Book of Mormon and he would take them boating. It was my first time on a small boat. It was great! It was overcast so it wasn't too uncomfortable. I tried water skiing. I am sore, but I got up briefly a couple of times. They say because it was so windy, it made the water rough and hard to learn in. Yeah, that's it! :) It was fun. They lake was beautiful. Much larger than I expected. I loved looking at the clouds and feeling the wind in my face! The sand was pretty nice. Fine, not many rocks. I even got to play a little Frisbee!


LambFam said...

Hey I'm glad your house is ok. I was just watching the news and wondered if you guys were close by the fire or not. Sounds like the scary part is over. I haven't read your blog for a while you have been busy!!