Saturday, August 30, 2008

I caught a worm!

A couple of weeks ago, Ashton and Marisa were in the backyard playing. Ashton starts saying, "I caught a worm!! Look Marisa do you want to touch it?" Marisa says, "No! I do NOT want to touch it!" I go out to see what they are up to. Oh, it's not a worm, its a snake! I tell him, That's gross! "Wow, A Snake!" Darin is all excited about the fact that his son caught his first snake. Like that implies he will be catching more in the future.

He played with it for a nice long time. Darin took pictures (Which I don't have developed yet). It was a baby gopher snake, so don't worry. Eventually Ashton had it in a cup and he dropped it on the deck and it ran for it's life slithered away between the crack. He didn't kill it for all his trying, but apparently he did lick it!!!! That is just....EWWWWW! I kept my eyes open for any weirdness - like him getting ecloi or whatever, and he seems to be fine. Like I said it has been a couple of weeks. Darin was so oddly proud of Ashton, like it proved he was on his way to becoming a man or something. Ugh! Men... :)


VLB said...

Congratulations on your Kindergartner! Makenzie is in K too. And yes, Callie is in 2nd grade. Vi has pretty hair. I hope she loves school.