Wednesday, August 20, 2008


You ever just have one of those days where you swear no one else on the planet has a brain? Ugh! So, I know that is is common practice to check your order when you go through the drive through. Everyone has been stuck missing, drinks, sandwiches, or the least of our worries, napkins and straws. Last week was pretty bad when one of our glasses was full of not soda, but water....weird. But, on to bigger and better stories.

I had a roll of film that needed developing ( I know, we live in the dark ages) so I took it with me to Costco. Drop it off. Do my shopping, come back in an hour and big surprise, it's not ready. I had somewhere I needed to go so I decided to come back the next day since I was going to be in the town anyway for something else. Not too big of a deal. So, the next day I run my errands (voluntarily inflicting pain on myself AKA my 3rd Hep B shot...ow) and run back over to Costco for the film. Yes, they have it, I get it, make sure it has the cd (because I've been stiffed in the past) and head out of there. We got lunch and went to my friends house to eat. Get looking at my pictures and...crap! They only gave me one set and I paid for two.

By this point my kids are beyond fed up with errands. Each time loading and unloading them is a milestone because I have the double stroller and it has to be taken out to maneuver children. Ashton is throwing a tantrum all the way in to Costco and while we are there. All the lady has to say is...."mistakes happen." How about an I'm sorry you had to spend basically 3 trips to the store (I live 30 minutes away...imagine the gas $$ that was wasted) for one dang roll of film. All I want are my pictures! Sheesh! She wouldn't even look me in the eye. I did get my pictures and had to literally drag Ashton back to the van and wrestle him in. The pictures are fine. I'll post some when I get a little rest. Going anywhere with kids is a lot of work. And extra places just ads to the fun.

It just made me feel like I have to double check every little thing that other people do, to make sure I am getting what I am supposed to. Why is it that we can't rely on anyone to actually do their job, or understand what is going on? I know everyone makes mistakes, but really.....does it have to be over every little thing?

Part of the reason this was so frustrating is because of what happened with Vi's class. I went the day I was told to find out what class she was in etc. I signed her up for her assessment with the teacher and did everything I was supposed to. I even got a car pool arranged with some others in her class so I will only have to drive once a day. Nice! Then on Saturday she gets a letter in the mail from the other kindergarten teacher saying that she is in her class, at the opposite time of day! What?!?!

I finally get a hold of someone at the elementary school who knows what is going on and what happened you ask. There is another Violet in Kindergarten and they told me all the WRONG information. Nice. It wouldn't have been a big deal except I already had things all worked out. it is frustrating that people cannot be bothered to read the first and last name when giving out important information. Then the people at the school make a big deal like I want her to be in the class with her friend yadda yadda, which is not the point. They talked to both teachers and made me decide what to do. I decided to make it easy on myself and put her in the class I was told originally she was in so I didn't have to change appointments and carpools. I sure now the school people think poorly of me, but oh well!

So Vi will be in school while I am at volleyball on Tues, Thurs and Fri. I'll have to make the most of my time on Mondays and Wednesdays when Myra will be napping and it will just be me and Ashton! It's weird because they have early out day on Wednesday. Middle of the week. So convenient.

The moral of the story is if people could just try (maybe a little harder even) to do their job, it wouldn't be so much work for the rest of us. I know there are intelligent people out there, right?!


Jardine Family said...

I'm totally with you!
(But at the risk of being noticed as the one who fouls up sometimes, I guess I'd better say AMEN! a little quiter....)

(now whispering)amen!