Saturday, August 16, 2008

Oh Happy Day!!!

Yesterday was an unexpectedly exciting day around here. I got a phone call in the morning informing me that Intermountain Healing Hearts was APPROVED to be a non profit 501 (c)3 organization. All donations are now TAX DEDUCTIBLE. If any one has a business or would like to donate, it is now a write off! This status make things a bit easier for the group. I big CONGRATS and THANK YOU to the members who worked so very hard for this achievement. I must say I am proud that they were able to accomplish this without the assistance or fee of a lawyer!! Way to Go!!! Hip Hip, Hooray!!!!

Then, later in the afternoon Darin called me to let me know that HE GOT HIRED ON!!!! He has been working as a private contractor since January. He got hired on so this entails a raise, paid vacation/holidays/sick days and better insurance. This was long over due, but sooo nice that it finally happened! I feel like we **might** be able to get on top of some things now, and maybe (dare I say it) finish our bathroom and fence. One can only hope! Good work Darin!!!


Noni Andrew said...

Congratulations to Darin. That was such a long wait and over due. Hooray!! and a great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR GREAT BIG 3 YEAR OLD ASHTON. HE IS SUCH A HANDSOME BOY. I WAS GOING TO SAY CUTIE, BUT I GUESS FOR A BOY HE MUST BE HANDSOME. Was we could be there to visit. Love all of you soooo much.