Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Slow Death

I think that is what is happening to our van. It is dieing.....very slowly. I know this happens with vehicles, but it sure it a pain. So, it has a ll the little problems you would expect in a 7 year old car. We've had tire stuff and whatnot. During the past month or so, things have just been falling apart. The Check engine light has been on for quite some time. I took the van it, and there is a sensor that need replacing. Not actually a vital part for the engine to run....just a sensor. Then also about a year ago (I've written about this quirk before) the cd payer stopped working. Not so bad, as long as you don't drive anywhere without radio reception. We have had boring drives through Nevada to be sure!

Once in a while the drivers side window wont roll back up. It always scares me, but so far (knock on wood) it has gone back up within a few minutes. I dread the day it truly doesn't rise and I have to drive around with black tarp taped to my van. Ugh! On one of our trips to Cali, the airbag light came on. I made an appointment to take it in to the shop and that day, the light went off. The next time I got in the car for a long (er) trip ( I think it was to ID this time), it amazingly was on once again. GRRRRRR. I also discovered that the tube that carries the fluid to the windshield for cleaning, is broken so I cannot use that feature. The newest ailment is the gas gage. It no longer works. My van is "full" for about the first 100 miles. If that were really true it would be a miracle! I haven't been willing to try and simply keep track of how many miles I've driven on that tank. That also means that I have to fill my van up each time or run the risk of running out of gas. The Joys!
PS - Violet has been drawing a lot of Fairies! Good Job!


Andrew & Sarah Clawson said...

Hi Melissa-

I have the same problem with my windows in my van- It's the motor. Sometimes it takes half an hour or so for the window to go back up! I have not replaced the motor yet but just the motor will cost me 300 buckaroonies. Still better than paying a car payment every month??? Hang in there!

Mike and Rebecca said...

Drive it like you own it I always say...right into the ground, of course not jeopardizing the safety of your family...oh the joys of life, don't you just love them!


jenerekfamily said...

Out of curiosity, what kind of van do you own? We just bought one and I am always interested in the reliability for people who have owned theirs for a while.

Ryan and Jacki Andrew said...

I want to know what you think of Breaking Dawn. Let me know when you are done and I will tell you what I thought.

VLB said...

I hate that when cars start to go bad, I'va had a couple of lemons in my life.