Friday, September 12, 2008

My Fifth Baby

Don't get excited people, I am not expecting. I am in no way shape or form pregnant again. I am referring to another "baby". The Olympic Gold Medal Mile fun run/walk for Intermountain Healing Hearts. It was my little project that took up about as much time (more some days) as another baby. That is also how much love I had for the endeavor. I am glad it is over and things went well.

I think that anyone who has tried to get donations for any cause, knows a little bit of what I went through. The calling and calling and calling. You get the run around, a lot! Sometimes it would take me days (or weeks) to get a negative answer. AGHHH!! In the end, we had some very nice prizes to give away. Thank you to everyone who assisted int his project, and to the people and companies who donated! You made a difference!!

It was a lot of fun to see a few companies (Will's Pit Stop in particular) who really got involved and gave it their all. They provided ALL of the water for the race. A huge expense that IHH did not have to purchase!! Plus, the owners came and participated in the race. I hope they were able to meet many members of our group and their precious kiddos. And then, to top it off, they donated even more to the group. Amazing people. Huge hearts! We are filled with gratitude for the generosity you have shown to strangers who contacted you through a seemingly random phone call. Who knows, maybe there was a little more to it?

Jennylin did an amazing job on the shirts. They look so fabulous! Everyone loves them. I enjoy wearing one around and having people ask what the group is about and everything. It feels good to have others interested in something I am passionate about.

It was fun to see people ready and raring to go at 8am. We had about 100 people register same day, and 200 pre register! What an amazing turnout for the first year. I must say that I learned a TON!!!! It was a lot of work, but so worth it to see so many people together to support Congenital Heart Defects. It was also a great opportunity to meet many of our members, and for people to visit. Putting names and faces together is always a plus.

Things would not have turned out as well as they had, without the help from everyone else. You know who you are! You rock!!! Thank you for taking on this responsibility and making it a success.

Yes there were problems, even a caffaful (sp?) or two. But nothing catastrophic. I am pleased with the turnout and the event as a whole. It sure is gratifying to make a difference and promote awareness in the world. OK, maybe not the world yet, but at least in our community. What a rewarding experience. Thank you all!


Noni Andrew said...

I'm so proud of you and all you do to help others. I mailed in a donation yesterday. I would have been fun to perticipate(sp). I is wonderful that it turned out so well after all the hard work. Love you

Jenny said...

Pretty cool that you've organized all that! Good job.