Sunday, September 7, 2008

Welcome back to the Planet!

I cannot believe that I have taken over a week to post something new. I have had several complaints remarks about my hiatus. Sorry. I have several posts in the works......Do you want them in chronological order or not? Let me know in the comments so I know which ones I should get done.

My departure from the "real world" has been due to the Fabulous Intermountain Healing Hearts Fun Run/Walk Fundraiser that happened this weekend. I will post detail and many lovely pictures later, but lets just say It was a HUGE success. I am thrilled with how many people participated and got involved. Thank you, Thank you, thank you to everyone for your help. We could not have done it with out you!!!!! We had many generous contributions, the t-shirts looked so amazing...and Heavenly Father blessed us with the perfect weather! I devoted many hours and my blood, sweat and tears into this event. I'm glad it was appreciated. Thank you all!

**Check back later for the details!**

If you would still like to donate to Intermountain Healing Hearts, you may do so through our website ( or directly to our PO box. Remember all donations are a tax deductions as we are non profit!!!


Janice said...

I'm so glad your run/walk event was successful. Congratulations!! Thanks for updating. Hugs, Janice

Jake & Stephanie Ellinger said...

It was great and my family that came had a good time. You do such a good job and we're grateful for all that you do for the group.

Gourley Fam said...

It was an awesome event. Just being there was such an eventful moment and I was truly in awe of the support. You did an amazing job and I can not wait till next years event! I want to be in good enough shape to run it!

Noni Andrew said...

I am so glad that the event was such a success. I figured that was why we hadn't heard anything. You were still excited about all the fun and success of the run/walk. Congrats to Darin and Sounds like a lot of fun at the play and dinner. hugs and kisses to you all