Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Heil Mom

I am interested to know what the "other" shows are that people watch. Please enlighten me with a comment (there should be five of you!).

For a few months now, Myra has developed her own way of saying hello. She can wave, but I think it came about when she was only crawling and would try to wave. She would do what we lovingly call the "Heil Mom". It looks like the way Nazi's would heil Hitler. She has gradually started making the gesture a little lower and resembles royalty putting out their had to be kissed. I think that it is darn cute. She will still wave, but goes this first. All hail the HEIL MOM!!


Joshua Crook said...

I think I actually account for 2 of those "other"s, as my browser did something funny, and every day I visited your blog it wanted me to vote yet again. I voted twice before I realized what was going on. lol!
Anyway, I didn't have anything specific in mind, I just wasn't looking forward to any of the shows on your list. Although, I do like Big Bang, and it wasn't on there.

Noni Andrew said...

I love hearing about all the things the kids do. It doesn't seem possible that little Myra is going to be a year old. Wow!! and she is starting to let you know she is communicating with you. A kiss on the hand. how cute. Love you all

Jenny said...

My 'other' was Lost. My favorite shows right now are Lost, The Office, Chuck, and Ugly Betty.