Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Things I haven't posted about yet from this summer

Ok, there are a few:
I watched cute Marisa for a week while her dad was out of town and her mom was at the hospital with her sister for surgery. I was really surprised that adding another kid to the mix at this point really wasn't that much extra work. It a lot of ways it was really nice because the kids had another person to play with. Marisa was so good and I don't think she cried once about being away from home. I'm sure the fact that she has had sleepovers with her grandparents helped.

kids on ride

Violet waving

Next was Onion Days! We had a good time again this year, surprise surprise! Here are some pictures. Aaron and Mandy came with us. Mikayla was in her cast and had her wheel chair, which she almost got dumped out of.......naughty Aaron! :) The kids had fun riding rides and being silly. Poor Myra gets the shaft and didn't get to do any rides. The balloon guy was slow as molasses thorough and made cute stuff. Vi got a butterfly, Ashton a sword, and Marisa a bear.

Violet & Marisa

Violet's Butterfly

The 4x4 Jeep ride

Ashton in a boat
More balloons

Aaron looking thrilled

Carousel (the ride, not the movie)

Marisa's sister is doing well and is back walking again. I don't remember the name of the surgery that Mikayla had, but it had to do with her legs and strengthening and lengthening tendons....I believe. She did well, even with having to be in casts up to her hips for like 4 weeks!