Sunday, October 19, 2008

Things that make me laugh

Ashton sat down at the table while I was making last minute preparations for dinner. He folded his arms and said, "let's say grace." HA! I laughed out loud and asked him where he heard that. He asked again and I said, "Yes, we will be having prayer on the food." Silly boy!

Deann was talking to one of her children the other day and actually said the word BAG correctly. She usually says it like Bague (as in rhymes with Vague) and I always giver her a hard time. Way to go Deann! You are losing you accent!

The kicker was tonight while we were playing games. Deann was laying on her stomach. She had her head down on the floor while she was talking. Darin then made fun of her for mumbling. She said something about that's what happened when you have a large chest and they smoosh up near your face when you lay on the floor. Then I told her not to suffocate her self. Then she said that is how Kenny (her husband FYI) would like to die....suffocated by her boobs. Then he pipes up and says that's why there is a snorkel in the bed room! LOL. We all got side aches from laughing our heads off. Deann was laughing so had I thought she would pee in her pants. It reminded me of that cranium game......That Kenny had some great one liners tonight!

Oh, and Dad, we had a card in Apples to Apples that had flying monkey on it. We made fun of you laughed at you because they scare you you don't like them because they are imaginary.


The Ilsley Family said...

I didn't know Kenny was also a Marine biologist?

Shelby and Melissa Drake Family said...

I tagged you on my blog, go check it out!