Friday, October 17, 2008

Where were you 19 years ago today?

Well, for most of the followers of this blog, 19 years ago today may hold no significance. But I was an 8 year old girl experiencing a 7.1 earthquake. The Loma Linda or Loma Prieta Earthquake. For only lasting 15 seconds, not counting after shocks, a lot of damage was done! I was at home with my dad and my brother. I was on my parents water bed (that was trippy!), and then tried to get off and go into the living room where my dad and brother were.

My dad and brother had been watching TV together in our recliner (which resides in my family room today). My brother was sitting with my dad o the chair. (Josh was sitting on my dad's cute :) ). I remember my dad tossing putting my brother down and running to catch his grandfather clock that was tipping precariously. It suffered no permanent damage. The same cannot be said for my brother who claimed for years ( and maybe still does?) that he felt loved less than a piece of furniture. What do you have to say about that Josh? Dad?
My mom was at a ward members home, working on something or other for Relief Society. My mom was bowing and couldn't strighten herself back up. She thought it was just her, until others began commenting about the quake. So, nothing too major or scary for us, but there were a lot of people who were injured or even killed. I remember the news for weeks and months afterwards, filled with stories of grief and death. Bridges collapsed on top of cars...buildings was crazy. It was also the first quake to be broadcast on live TV since it occurred during the world series for the Oakland A's and the San Francisco Giants. My dad worked tons of overtime with PG&E reconnecting peoples power and repairing damaged power lines and polls. Crazy mess!
I have been in a few other quakes, but non of this magnitude. There are more great pictures and info here. So...where were you 19 years ago today?


Noni Andrew said...

We were in a gas station in Santa Rosa getting gas in our car after going to the grocery store. The car started bouncing up and down and I thought someone was standing on our bumper jumping up and down. We lived in Healsburg and I think one of the twins was sitting on the fence and fell off. I was really a bad one.

Jenny said...

I remember that earthquake. I still think about it every time I drive under an overpass (especially when there are several different levels to it). Ever since that earthquake, I've been a little more aware of the fact that my car could be crushed if all of a sudden those overpasses fell, like in that earthquake. Oh, the things that stick in an 8 year old's mind.

Joshua Crook said...

Well, as you already mentioned, I was bouncing off the floor as dad ran to save his clock. In dad's defense, he had just recently finished building it, and he was fairly proud of it. I repaired myself, but he would have to work to repair the clock. (lol) :)
We were watching the world series, which dad was into, but at 5 years old, having just started kindergarten, I really didn't care. I just knew that I was spending time with dad. And, like Jenny said, since then I am always a little wary when I drive over bridges, esspecially double decker ones.

Joshua Crook said...

Hey Mel,
Didn'r we know someone who was dirving on the Bridge that day? I think that they had just gotten off the bridge when the quake hit. I don't know. Maybe I'll ask mom and dad.

Michelle said...

I was in Kindergarten, but was sick or something that day, so I was at my dad's office building downtown on a really high floor! I just remember running down all the stairs & not really knowing what was going on. Bookcases & shelves were falling all over the place & a window cracked a little.