Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Family Picture Milestone

Well, it is finally official. We took family pictures with out Elaine. It has been 5 years since our last professional family picture. It was a very emotional experience for me. In those 5 years we have buried a daughter and added a son and another daughter. It was necessary, but still hard to do without one. How can you take a picture of a family, knowing not all are present? That was my big struggle. Yes, we try to remember Elaine and represent her in some small way, but it just doesn't seem like a "real" family picture.

I know that many others struggle with this as well. It came down to not being fair to my other children. I don't love Elaine more than them , I just miss her more (duh!). We needed more than just the occasional snapshot. This one is for the wall.

I have added a few more of the others. The kids weren't very cooperative, which was unfortunate because the colors were so very pretty. Thank you to Mary who put up with us and took the darling pictures! It was a hard and emotional day. A milestone that I am glad to be through, for now. I haven't posted until now because I was still in denial or something. It's been nearly a month since these were taken. Sorry I ahve dragged my feet about posting about this. I have a bunch of cute ones of Vi and Ashton that aren't on the computer yet. I'll share them sometime...

Since we are on the subject of Elaine, I have been pondering what to do this year for her Angel Day and Birthday. She would be turning 8 and getting baptized. It will be 5 years since her passing on. Any ideas what to do to mark the day? I'd love every one's input. Thanks so much!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wedding Pictures

Du, Du dudu.....Du du dudu (Wedding theme).
I recently had our wedding negatives put onto CD so I thought that I would share them here since I haven't been able to post any, ever before now.
It was a lot of fun to look through and remember the big day. I was bummed to discover that one roll is missing. It is from the reception and has most of the brides maids/groomsmen and Andrew family pictures. The last family pictures take with Kim before he died. If anyone has any ideas on where to look, I'm game. Thanks! Enjoy!!
Darin & I on the roof of the Oakland Temple

Bob & Noni, Darin & Melissa, Joanne & Paul

The blushing Bride

These are my favorites, in front of the fountain.

The Andrew Clan

Our wedding cake was expertly crafted by my friends mom. Mae did so good, it looked so pretty. Thanks a ton!

Ahhhh, the bridesmaids. They are (left to right): yes there are 12:
Amy (my cousin on my Crook side who is only 2 days older than me), SueZann (BFF from like age 8 through high school. Went to church together. I even got to be in her wedding this past summer!), Charlene (good friend I met in jr. High. her mom made the cake. We had many great times and have a Charmel page to prove it), Becky (met in high school and enjoyed squirt and Newsies and road trips together. Also went to church together), Cazra (Good friend that I met in Jr high. We played softball together and had lots of fun with. Was able to see her baptized and sealed in the Temple to my good friend Ryan (who was actually my first official date.)), Kendra (my future sister in law - engaged to Dean- who I knew from growing up in the same Stake), ME!, Lisa (Good friend since grade school. We used to chase my brother out of my room with a naked Barbie hehe, lots of good times and memories), Jenny (My cousin on my Olsen side and Maid of Honor. She and I were good pen pals since we could write basically and were roommates our freshmen year at BYU. We had lots of fun together and were close), Serena ( we only briefly went to the same school, but were friends through church. We went to EFY together and really bonded. She's my swampwitch!), Michelle (basically the younger sister I never had. We became close in high school and when the ward changed. She is lovingly referred to as Harry ask her about that one!), Lauralee (also so very close to. We never went to school together, but had Young Women's. We did so many things together and enjoyed life. I think about her a lot and wonder how she is.) and last but not least, Liz (I also met her in Jr high and we were in the same ward when things changed. We went on double dates, worked on school projects and just had a lot of fun.)

That's a lot of Andrews!

Friday, November 14, 2008

I enjoy being a girl?

Boy howdy, do I have some great stuff to blog about today! Unfortunately. So, it was our ward temple night. I took me a few tries and cancellations to nail down a babysitter. Darin's nephew was able to come over after work. This meant we wouldn't be able to go at the same time as the rest of our ward, but could still make it to the temple before they closed.

The day had been a drag and a bummer. I hoped the temple would lift my spirits. When we got to the temple, I was excited to see 3 couple from our ward there and another couple from a neighboring ward. The sister is on my volleyball team. I thought we might get into a session with someone.....possibly.

Now, did I mention that it is Friday night? I think it may be a toss up between which is busier, Saturday mornings or Friday night. There were tons of patrons at the temple. Which is a good thing. After waiting about 20 minutes they call back the first session. I knew there was no way in heck we weren't making that one. One of our ward members left with that group. Wait 30 minutes. Time for the next group to go. A late couple (as in young, but just barely came into the chapel) were asked to be the witness couple. Why not ask someone already waiting? Whatever. The rest of the people we know leave for that session. The couple directly in front of us are the last ones admitted. Figures. Just my luck.

Yippee, we get to wait another 30 minutes (at this point I'm thinking was it really worth trying to get here earlier in the evening? Maybe next time we will just make sure that we are through the doors before they close). Finally after waiting through almost an entire session, it is our turn. As we are walking I start to feel light headed and weird. Nice. Typical! We get to the room and about half way through I start thinking, hmmmmm I think something is going on......

That's right, if you hadn't guessed by now, every girls worst nightmare. Happened to me (but I didn't know it at the time). I started my period. Full force. While dressed head to toe in WHITE. Well, sitting for two hours left me with a nice red stain the size of a dollar bill on the back of my dress. That's right, it was so heavy it soaked through to my dress. I hope the chairs are okay.

So, I didn't know for sure that it had leaked through. How could I? When it was my rows turn to go to the part at the end, there weren't enough workers, so there I am standing up in front of the rest of the session (with my back to them) waiting my turn. Still I have no idea how bad it is. I'm hoping it's light and maybe only to my slip. I sit down once I am through ( on a white couch YIKES!) and wait for Darin. He shows up after about 5 minutes. Sits for a minute and asks if I know there is something on the back of my dress. What! He said he noticed it earlier and thought I knew. Um Nope! We high tail it out of the C - Room, took the doors leading to the men's side of the dressing room, so I have to walk, alone with a huge red spot on my white dress to the woman's locker room.

Several other sessions just got out and I hurriedly squeeze in next to someone to take stuff off, thinking I can refold when I get home! At this point I'm praying that it's not too noticeable, because I haven't been able to see it. I go down my row and all the stalls (where the lockers are) are empty but one. As I get closer it is mine. Of all the dumb luck. I try to wait patiently (with my back against the wall) as she finishes getting dressed. I get in to change and someone had to move my bag. No biggie. Oh wait, I was left a snot rag on top. Many thanks for that, whoever you are. Nice touch to top it off! I see the damage and think about how many people must have been laughing at me embarrassed for me. I know I was.

Holy Crap! I cannot believe this just happened! We get out to the car and Darin notices the babysitter called. Oh yeah, Ashton got poop all over the place. Nice. It was while sitting in the car, silently, all the way home, I realize I am sooooooooooo glad that I wasn't in a session with people I knew (as far as I know). Hopefully I will just be a topic of comedic conversation ,"remember that one girl at the temple....I wouldn't want to be her!" Thank heaven for small miracles!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


A couple of weekends ago we got to go to Hale Center theater and see their production of Aida. I must admit that before the show, all I knew was that the music was written by Tim Rice & Elton John and that it was a love story. I had heard some of the songs but didn't really know much about the plot.

I was surprised by the way the theater was set up. The stage in literally in the middle of the seats. You have to walk across the stage to get to some. "Off stage" was the hall way where we entered. We had to do a little rearranging of seats during intermission because Jess was uncomfortable due to the closeness of the seats. We got it figured out so she wasn't being tortured the entire time! :)

I was amazed at the amount the performers were able to do on such a tiny stage and tight quarters. Their choreography was well orchestrated. The songs were good, and well sung. I think the performers did a good job. I had a hard time not getting distracted by the audience members that were across the stage from me. Some of the plot did get sappy and predictable, but that's common. Darin had to hold in his laughter at some parts. It was a good show, but in the end we vote we enjoy Desert Star more. They are just completely different I shouldn't compare the two.

It was a good show! Thanks guys!

Monday, November 10, 2008

What did you do on Saturday?

I watched a lot of Young Women's Volley ball. Our ward took 2nd in our Stake and were invited to play in the Region Championship game. Our region is 6 stakes, mostly here in our town. Our first game was at 8:45am. Then we had a couple hours off and returned for the rest of our games. The girls did amazing!! They were undefeated and are now the region Champions. They were very proud of themselves and even have tee shirts now to show off their #1 status. Way to go girls!! We went out for ice cream after and didn't get back home until like 4pm. My kids were wondering if I still existed. Way to go girls!! I am not sure if they move on to Area tournaments at this point or not.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Tag, you're it!

Holy Moly! I am finally getting around to the tags. Here they are.

My 8 Obsessions right now... (Thanks for tagging me Sarah!)
1. Food Storage/ Emergency Preparedness
2. My calling
3. Volleyball (I'm on two City league teams plus we are still doing YW volleyball)
4. Reading books...
5. My Kids & family
6. Trying to get ready for the Holidays (Festival of Trees is coming up...we are working on a small tree)
7. Organizing/cleaning - a never ending endeavor
8. Keeping up with all the kids in the
IHH support group

8 words or phrases that I use often
1. remember who you are
2. What is going on?
3. Stop fighting
4. For Sure
5. I love you
6. Take a deep breath
7. Like, whatever, Frickin, doh etc
8. Nice serve, Mine, I go, Help, swing, good hustle (yelled during volley ball)

8 things I want to do before I die...
1. Watch (most of)kids grow up
2. Travel
3. Be a temple worker
4. Continue my education
5. Visit as many temples as I can
6. Teach my children all they will need to know
7. Let the world know about CHD's and all they involve - make a difference
8. Enjoy lots of time with my spouse

8 things I want or need right now...
1. Debt to be paid off
2. My house clean! (ha ha)
3. Sleep!
4. Prepare an impromptu lesson for YW for Sunday
5. Need a new camera
6. to use the bathroom
7. construction projects done - and the moola to finish them
8. Peace of mind!

8 people I tag..
1. Amy L
2. Michelle Z
3. Brooke K
4. Jenny M
5. Melissa D
6. Valerie B
7. Aubrey R
8. Jess B

Ok, now on to the next one. This one took me a little more time... I wanted to think of my own things and not reuse things that have been said.

Here are the rules:1. Link the person who tagged you.
2. Mention rules on your blog.
3. Tell about 6 quirks of yours.
4. Tag 6 fellow bloggers to do the same
5. Leave a comment to let them know.

Melissa D. tagged me. Thanks Melissa! (It's so funny knowing like 10 people with your same name!)

My Quirks
** I cannot stand my hair in my face. Hence the no bangs for me. I can't stand to be distracted by not being able to see anything. Ugh. What a pain.

** I have to have a clean microwave. I have used too many that are covered in filth old food. What a microwave is like that, whatever you put in there comes out smelling, and therefore tasting like old cheese and burnt crap. Gross. It makes me want to puke just thinking about it! This is about as far as my OCD goes I guess.

**I like to listen to Christmas music year round. It makes me at peace and happy. I love it!

** I have an uncanny ability to know within a few minutes, what time it is. My friend Nikki thinks it is funny to randomly ask me and try to catch me unawares. Maybe this stems from also liking to be able to see the clock at night when I wake up. If I cant see it, I get bugged.

** I think people in America should understand how to use the language. It is hard to take an adult seriously if they are saying things like "usetacould" "That is hims toy" "I borrowed that to my sister". Yikes! I know I still have a long ways to go until I fully grasp the language, but there are so many simple things that drive me batty. I think I am starting to slip.....

** If I am putting on shoes, my socks cannot be bunched up, or turned funny. It feels so uncomfortable. My shoes also have to be the same tightness. If one is way loose it makes me crazy and I have to fix it. My mom used to go insane when I was little and I would make her fix my shoes over and over. They just need to be equal!

I guess I could go on and on, but there you have it. Six weird things about me that you did or didn't know previously.

I Tag, Sarah, Emily, Cadie, Jen B, Ciria, & Brynn H. Good Luck!

@@@@Myra's new word was "tat" aka Cat.@@@@@

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween Highlights

It was a crazy day, but we had a lot of fun.
Woody, Tinkerbell & a butterfly.

A Knight & his Lady

Stick 'em up!

Feed me Candy!!
Vi says she was a fairy disguised as a butterfly. Her and her imagination.

Myra spend most of the day confined to a stroller and was good about it!

Kenny, showing off some leg! Ha ha!
We started the day by dressing Vi up for school. We had issues with the hair color (you can't tell int he pic's but it was sprayed orange) in the morning and I ended up at the store to purchase more. Then in the afternoon it was off to Provo to trick or treat at the stores on center street. I got Violets hair more orange. I think some of her scalp may still be that color! We added some glitter too. We had a brief respite at the Torsak's and then it was off for trick or treating at the mansion. Then we went to Mandy and Aaron's. We went around their neighborhood, headed back, took pics and ate yummy food. We stayed up late playing the Wii. Good times! HOPE YOU ALL HAD A GREAT HALLOWEEN!