Friday, November 14, 2008

I enjoy being a girl?

Boy howdy, do I have some great stuff to blog about today! Unfortunately. So, it was our ward temple night. I took me a few tries and cancellations to nail down a babysitter. Darin's nephew was able to come over after work. This meant we wouldn't be able to go at the same time as the rest of our ward, but could still make it to the temple before they closed.

The day had been a drag and a bummer. I hoped the temple would lift my spirits. When we got to the temple, I was excited to see 3 couple from our ward there and another couple from a neighboring ward. The sister is on my volleyball team. I thought we might get into a session with someone.....possibly.

Now, did I mention that it is Friday night? I think it may be a toss up between which is busier, Saturday mornings or Friday night. There were tons of patrons at the temple. Which is a good thing. After waiting about 20 minutes they call back the first session. I knew there was no way in heck we weren't making that one. One of our ward members left with that group. Wait 30 minutes. Time for the next group to go. A late couple (as in young, but just barely came into the chapel) were asked to be the witness couple. Why not ask someone already waiting? Whatever. The rest of the people we know leave for that session. The couple directly in front of us are the last ones admitted. Figures. Just my luck.

Yippee, we get to wait another 30 minutes (at this point I'm thinking was it really worth trying to get here earlier in the evening? Maybe next time we will just make sure that we are through the doors before they close). Finally after waiting through almost an entire session, it is our turn. As we are walking I start to feel light headed and weird. Nice. Typical! We get to the room and about half way through I start thinking, hmmmmm I think something is going on......

That's right, if you hadn't guessed by now, every girls worst nightmare. Happened to me (but I didn't know it at the time). I started my period. Full force. While dressed head to toe in WHITE. Well, sitting for two hours left me with a nice red stain the size of a dollar bill on the back of my dress. That's right, it was so heavy it soaked through to my dress. I hope the chairs are okay.

So, I didn't know for sure that it had leaked through. How could I? When it was my rows turn to go to the part at the end, there weren't enough workers, so there I am standing up in front of the rest of the session (with my back to them) waiting my turn. Still I have no idea how bad it is. I'm hoping it's light and maybe only to my slip. I sit down once I am through ( on a white couch YIKES!) and wait for Darin. He shows up after about 5 minutes. Sits for a minute and asks if I know there is something on the back of my dress. What! He said he noticed it earlier and thought I knew. Um Nope! We high tail it out of the C - Room, took the doors leading to the men's side of the dressing room, so I have to walk, alone with a huge red spot on my white dress to the woman's locker room.

Several other sessions just got out and I hurriedly squeeze in next to someone to take stuff off, thinking I can refold when I get home! At this point I'm praying that it's not too noticeable, because I haven't been able to see it. I go down my row and all the stalls (where the lockers are) are empty but one. As I get closer it is mine. Of all the dumb luck. I try to wait patiently (with my back against the wall) as she finishes getting dressed. I get in to change and someone had to move my bag. No biggie. Oh wait, I was left a snot rag on top. Many thanks for that, whoever you are. Nice touch to top it off! I see the damage and think about how many people must have been laughing at me embarrassed for me. I know I was.

Holy Crap! I cannot believe this just happened! We get out to the car and Darin notices the babysitter called. Oh yeah, Ashton got poop all over the place. Nice. It was while sitting in the car, silently, all the way home, I realize I am sooooooooooo glad that I wasn't in a session with people I knew (as far as I know). Hopefully I will just be a topic of comedic conversation ,"remember that one girl at the temple....I wouldn't want to be her!" Thank heaven for small miracles!


Becky said...

SAD! I'm feeling humiliated for you. Hope all the stains come out easily!!

Joshua Crook said...

Wow Mel, that is quite the story!
:( Renee says, "oh, BAD!" Did you not know that this would be coming up? (from Josh, because Renee wanted it to be clear that it was not her being the insensitive jerk. lol :) ) OUCH. Well, next time I'm in the Provo Temple, I'll have to check out the white couches (lol). Seriously though, that really sucks. I hope that your next temple experience is better, but really, how could it be any worse?

Noni Andrew said...

I'm sooo sorry you had that experience when you tried so hard to be in the temple ofr a spiritual up lift. As I read all of the problems I couldn't help but think of Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin's conference talk titled Come What May, and Love It. Love you and hope your next visit is a much better experience.

Janice said...

You poor thing!!!! Hopefully not too many people noticed. I can't believe that happened to you.

Shelby and Melissa Drake Family said...

I am sooo sorry that you had to go through that! I thought my temple experience that day was bad, but you TRUMPED mine!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry, that's embarrassing! If it makes you feel better I got caught with a red bra in the temple and had to go bra-less (with double D's that's never a good idea). Oh and that happened twice!