Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wedding Pictures

Du, Du dudu.....Du du dudu (Wedding theme).
I recently had our wedding negatives put onto CD so I thought that I would share them here since I haven't been able to post any, ever before now.
It was a lot of fun to look through and remember the big day. I was bummed to discover that one roll is missing. It is from the reception and has most of the brides maids/groomsmen and Andrew family pictures. The last family pictures take with Kim before he died. If anyone has any ideas on where to look, I'm game. Thanks! Enjoy!!
Darin & I on the roof of the Oakland Temple

Bob & Noni, Darin & Melissa, Joanne & Paul

The blushing Bride

These are my favorites, in front of the fountain.

The Andrew Clan

Our wedding cake was expertly crafted by my friends mom. Mae did so good, it looked so pretty. Thanks a ton!

Ahhhh, the bridesmaids. They are (left to right): yes there are 12:
Amy (my cousin on my Crook side who is only 2 days older than me), SueZann (BFF from like age 8 through high school. Went to church together. I even got to be in her wedding this past summer!), Charlene (good friend I met in jr. High. her mom made the cake. We had many great times and have a Charmel page to prove it), Becky (met in high school and enjoyed squirt and Newsies and road trips together. Also went to church together), Cazra (Good friend that I met in Jr high. We played softball together and had lots of fun with. Was able to see her baptized and sealed in the Temple to my good friend Ryan (who was actually my first official date.)), Kendra (my future sister in law - engaged to Dean- who I knew from growing up in the same Stake), ME!, Lisa (Good friend since grade school. We used to chase my brother out of my room with a naked Barbie hehe, lots of good times and memories), Jenny (My cousin on my Olsen side and Maid of Honor. She and I were good pen pals since we could write basically and were roommates our freshmen year at BYU. We had lots of fun together and were close), Serena ( we only briefly went to the same school, but were friends through church. We went to EFY together and really bonded. She's my swampwitch!), Michelle (basically the younger sister I never had. We became close in high school and when the ward changed. She is lovingly referred to as Harry ask her about that one!), Lauralee (also so very close to. We never went to school together, but had Young Women's. We did so many things together and enjoyed life. I think about her a lot and wonder how she is.) and last but not least, Liz (I also met her in Jr high and we were in the same ward when things changed. We went on double dates, worked on school projects and just had a lot of fun.)

That's a lot of Andrews!


Susan said...

Beautiful pictures. It must be nice to have then in digital format.

VLB said...

Melissa, I have not yet seen these, you are such a beautiful, angelic bride! Darin is very handsome! I am so happy that you got married to him and are happy and settled! August 10th right?

Janice said...

So you only have to cut three wives out of the picture!! It's funny to think how much the family has changed since that photo was taken. So many new additions you would need one of those panoramic pictures to fit everyone in.

Janice said...

Make that two wives, I guess Steven and Tammy were already divorced at this point. lol

Noni Andrew said...

I emailed you that Yes I finally found the negatives that were missing. Thankgoodness. I am sending them to you before they get misplaced again. Love you and these are beautiful pictures of a beautiful wedding.

Jenny said...

Very nice. I don't think I've ever seen the ones of you on the roof of the temple.

Cadie said...

Look how young!!! Those are awesome pictures.