Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bless our Hearts

Finally, here is a picture of the cute tree that Becky and I did for the Festival of Trees this year. I hope that many of you were able to see it! I am still waiting for pictures from Aaron & from Becky. I stole this off another blog! Thanks guys!
I was bummed not to be doing a tree for Elaine this year, and was talking to Becky about it. We decided that since it was late notice (I think it was October!) we could try and do a small tree. I am thrilled with the results. It was low stress and came together great! A big thanks to Becky's mom for all of her great ideas and donations! Hurrah for the Festival of trees!
The tree was donated in honor of all the CHD members of Intermountain Healing Hearts. The picture didn't have everyone in it, but it worked. The theme was "Bless our Hearts" and everything was red and white. We had heart ornaments and candy canes glued together in heart shapes and Ty beanie baby bears that were red & white striped! So cute! Hope you are all enjoying your Christmas season.
We finally put up our Christmas tree. Usually I am all excited about it, but not this year. We got all the ornaments on today, although they are bound to get rearranged soon. Kids are such fun helpers!


Teea Lamb said...

Great job with the tree! It's so cute! I am very impressed. What a great tribute. You are wonderful.

Susan said...

The tree looked great! Good job!

Brynn said...

We saw your tree, it was cute! Next year we are back in action for Elaine! I think we want to do a Nutcracker tree.

Noni Andrew said...

What a beautiful tree. Simple, but very elegant. I am sooo glad that you were able to do it. I hadn't heard anything and thought maybe you weren't going to do it this year. Good for you!!! I admire your get up and go attitude.

Cadie said...

It turned out so cute!