Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's over!

Just like every year, it seems Christmas comes and goes in such a hurry. We did have some fun times, to be sure! The Andrew Christmas Party in Utah was a blast. The kids always have so much fun hanging out and playing with their cousins (okay, first cousin's once removed, but who's keeping track?)

Cadie slaved over a hot stove all day to make an amazing fiesta dinner. I even enjoyed the elk meat in Ryan enchiladas! We had enough food to feed an army!! For dessert Cadie and I attempted to make Churros. That was an experience!

Mostly we played American idol on the Wii. It was a fun game. Here is a video of Ryan strutting his stuff. Now you know what the evening was like! :) Thanks guys!

Christmas morning was a lot of fun. The kids really got into it this year. Even Myra. She saw her doll and immediately began pushing her around in her new stroller. The kids even slept in until about 8am. Much better than the 3 or 4 am I heard some families had.

Dean came over about 10 am and opened his gifts and ate breakfast. We went over to the Torsaks for Christmas dinner/lunch around 3. We had the works, turkey, stuffing, potatoes, pie. Yummy yummy! I was introduced to a new game called Blockus. It is way fun. We also played the Wii fit and out door sports. We had a good time. My house still looks like things exploded here. I hope your Christmas was full of fun, family and pie.


Cadie said...

I loved our Feliz Navidad party we had! It was fun, and it was great to see you again, Auntie! You rocked the American Idol Wii game! Can't wait for the next party! Oh, and the churro people - SO creative!