Thursday, January 29, 2009

When did the world start spinning?

Tuesday night I went to play volleyball with some friends. It's a weekly thing. My friend Tiffany picked me up in her Jeep. We got there and I was stuck in my seat belt a little. I'm not lame, it is a, let's say "special" seat belt that takes a little finagling to get the button to work without tearing the skin off your finger. So, I open the car door and go to step out and the ROAD IS MOVING!

the jeep had started to roll. I'm on the passenger side so I yell at her and pull the Emergency brake. Car is still rolling backwards. WHAT! Are you kidding me? Tiffany jumps in and turns it back on and re parks it. Turns out the E - brake doesn't work in the slightest and the fun jeep will turn off if it isn't in park. She is used to this, I was rather taken aback. It was the beginning of a great evening! I'm just glad that it was the car moving and not something crazy going on with me (please, no comments ;) ).

Oh, and PS - I was able to return the one pair of snow boots for store credit. It was a huge hassle, but well worth the $15.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Please go and Vote!!!

I know that a lot of you read .If you do, then you know there is a makeover contest going on. If you follow the blog, then you have also seen this picture.

This is Emily. She is a part of Intermountain Healing Hearts. I was able to meet her for the first time at her baby Ryker's funeral. Emily (and her hubby) are the sweetest people. I would love it if she was able to win this contest and given an opportunity to shine. They have been through a lot.

Emily, you are an amazing woman and we love you!
Please vote for Emily!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Up and atem

Although I don't feel like I am fully functional yet I thought I could surprise the regulars (aka grandparents) with another post. Myra shared whatever junk she has with me. I feel like my throat is super swollen. Like my airway is half it's size. Not fun, and I have volleyball tonight. Hopefully I don't collapse on the floor do to lack of oxygen!

I ended up taking Myra to the Doctor yesterday because she began draining fluid from her left ear. Crap! How and I supposed to know that she has and ear infection when her only "symptom" is a runny nose. Yes, I could tell her throat was a little sore because she cut back on the food she was eating, but she was still drinking. Still sleeping normally (my others had a hard time sleeping with ear infections) and she had no fever at all.

Who knew you had to take your child to the Dr. for every sniffle? Not me, that's for sure. She woke up from a nap with clear fluid on her ear. Yeah, it's puss. So now we get to do antibiotics as well as ear drops. If her throat was as bad as mine feels, she must have a crazy high pain tolerance! Or she's just a super good baby. I feel like a bad mom for not knowing she had a crazy ear infection, but I didn't see any of the normal signs. Plus she is working on her molars. Her ears should clear up quick now!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bring on the rain!

Or at least a darn good wind storm. The inversion this year is dreadful!!! I cannot believe our air quality is the worst in the nation right now! Ugh! It is so gross! I found my favorite definition of inversion (which is the choice word on the news): Utah's polite way of not saying SMOG!

That is basically what it is. I have a cough and like to blame it on all the carcinogens bad air I'm breathing. this must be what it is like to be a smoker. I can handle being outside for limited amounts of time. And, it is ugly. Everything is dull and gray and just lame. Violet even asked be why it stinks so bad out side. I think my friend Jennie had a great idea. We just need to turn on all the wind turbines and blow the smog out of here!

Where ever you are, I hope that you have nice, clean, refreshing air. Take a deep breath and savor it for me, since I am literally suffocating.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Aspen Family Dental

Ashton had his first dentist appointment today. I figured it was time since it looked like he had a couple of cavities and, then there's the whole freaky extra tooth thing. Well, we were also trying out a new dentist today. Our one in Orem we loved, but I didn't enjoy the drive, and some of their staff had changed and blah blah. So, we've been in the market for a new dentist.

Anyway, I asked around and decided to try Aspen Family. It is here in town and people seem to enjoy it there. One thing I loved about our old place was that you hardly ever had to wait. The new place seemed to be the same. Nice! Another big plus was that they have a play room/waiting room. It has a TV and a huge tree house that the kids can play in. It was great and since it is right by reception, I left Vi & Marisa (I'm babysitting while her sister is in the hospital) playing and watching Tinkerbell while I went in with Ashton. The receptionist was so sweet and helpful. Very friendly and cheery. I loved it! Sometimes people get impatient when you are hauling kids around with you. She was like, "Just leave them here, I'll keep an eye on them. I can get you if they need anything." Sweet!

I thought, it's his first time, he might need me. Boy, was I ever wrong! The hygienist was male, and I think that helped. He was very friendly and really knew how to help Ashton understand what was going on. Then there was the power of cartoons. I loved that they had a TV that Ashton could watch during his cleaning. What a great d
istraction! I don't think Ashton really noticed I was there at all. He got x-rays even!

We had to wait a little bit for the dentist (he was helping a lady who was on a schedule as she was trying to catch a bus) which was fine. He was overly apologetic about the whole situation. As he was looking at the information on the computer, he noticed that Ashton has a sister named Violet. He asked me if she happened to be in so and so's Kindergarten class. I say, "Yes! She is." He then precedes to tell me about how his son had brought home a post it with Violet A.'s phone #. I laughed and said, your son must be ***** because she brought home his m=number on the back of one of her papers. Apparently they want to set up a play date. I'm all for it seeing as how we live at the dentist anyway!! :)

After we laughed about what a small world town it is I got the news. That's right, cavities. I knew it was coming. Blasted soft teeth. I swear, I could brush and floss their teeth all day and they would still have cavities. So, there are 4 that need attention. Two are in between teeth and two on the surface of his molars. I must say it was entertaining listening to the DDS and the Hygienist figure out how to correctly label his teeth. They are assigned letters (as I'm sure you are aware) but since Ashton has an extra, he now has a G (a) and a G tooth. Fun stuff!

I made sure to ask for composite fillings and (to my pleasure) I was informed that was all the dentist does! Finally, someone up to speed about how harmful it is to place amalgam (metal) in your mouth to leach poison into your system! Hurrah for small miracles. So, overall I was impressed with the office. Now I just need to come up the $300 for the fillings and life will be good. Vi has an appointment next week and I'm sure will need some work too! AHHHHH!Hopefully we will meet our deductible soon!

Also, Ashton will be getting nitrous for the fillings. Anyone have experience with this? this will be our first time. I hope it all goes well. We are getting it done on Monday.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's official

We had a pretty intense Volley ball game on Thursday. It was a team (the only team) that we have lost to so far in the season. Needless to say we were pretty keyed up. Of course it got to our heads and we ended up with another loss. But that's okay, we played hard and lost by one point (at the cap).

I am not a tall person. In my life time I have been called many things ( shrimp, shorty, midget, smurfette) but tall, or even average height has not been among them. When I play volley ball, I have to jump as high as I can to even hit the ball over the net. Watching me try to play with the net at Men's height is a riot. So during this intense game I try and be in my position. If I'm supposed to be "blocking" Sure I go up for the block and am lucky to get a touch on occasion. A slight touch that doesn't even change the direction of the ball, but a touch none the less.

Well, low and behold I went up for a block and it worked. I had my first (in a game) honest to goodness block. It hit my hands and went straight down on the other side. I'm sure the other team thought I was extremely unsportman like when I cheered and jumped for joy, but I was excited! Woo Hoo for me! Yes we still lost, but is good. :)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Wal Mart

Not actual snow boot in question
I know the common phrase, "You get what you pay for", but sometimes I try to tell myself that it's a myth. Ashton has already been through 2 pairs of $15 snow boots. These are the "cheepies" at Wally World. I am so frustrated because both pairs lasted about 2 uses. The seam is apparently not sewn well and the top fabric pulls off and then rips letting snow and moisture in, defeating the purpose. $30 is totally blown. And he still needs something to keep his feet dry int he snow. I don't know if I try and return/exchange them, which involves standing in line for an undetermined amount of time, with all my kids. That right there is a turn off. I don't think I still have my receipt an exchange might be pointless. I checked the second pair when I bought it and it didn't have any noticeable problems. I hate wasting money. UGGGGGHHHHHH!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

My first Post of 2009

Lame that it has taken me 5 days to post something for 2009. I have been a slacker! New Years was a lot of fun. We got to hang with our friends from the 'hood. Okay, maybe I should say "compound" as was the common name given to the apartment complex. We hadn't seen the Brady's for quite a while. The Torsak's hosted, and made yummy Turkey Noodle soup. Lots of yummy food. The kids gorged themselves on Doritos, rolls and Reece's.

We played some Wii, and Blockus (very fun!) and Apple to Apples. The kids all did relatively well. Myra didn't get to stay up, and Vi crashed before the new year. Myra now likes to tell us NO! No! all the time. She mush hear it a lot.

Today we got another blanket of snow and it is still coming down (like 12 hours of snow!). Our high was like 21 degrees. Not fun. And I got reservations fort he IHH fun run in September. Mark you calenders for the 12th!!!

Happy New Year to everyone!!

Oh and Congrats to Chris & Michelle who are now "officially" engaged!