Thursday, January 15, 2009

Aspen Family Dental

Ashton had his first dentist appointment today. I figured it was time since it looked like he had a couple of cavities and, then there's the whole freaky extra tooth thing. Well, we were also trying out a new dentist today. Our one in Orem we loved, but I didn't enjoy the drive, and some of their staff had changed and blah blah. So, we've been in the market for a new dentist.

Anyway, I asked around and decided to try Aspen Family. It is here in town and people seem to enjoy it there. One thing I loved about our old place was that you hardly ever had to wait. The new place seemed to be the same. Nice! Another big plus was that they have a play room/waiting room. It has a TV and a huge tree house that the kids can play in. It was great and since it is right by reception, I left Vi & Marisa (I'm babysitting while her sister is in the hospital) playing and watching Tinkerbell while I went in with Ashton. The receptionist was so sweet and helpful. Very friendly and cheery. I loved it! Sometimes people get impatient when you are hauling kids around with you. She was like, "Just leave them here, I'll keep an eye on them. I can get you if they need anything." Sweet!

I thought, it's his first time, he might need me. Boy, was I ever wrong! The hygienist was male, and I think that helped. He was very friendly and really knew how to help Ashton understand what was going on. Then there was the power of cartoons. I loved that they had a TV that Ashton could watch during his cleaning. What a great d
istraction! I don't think Ashton really noticed I was there at all. He got x-rays even!

We had to wait a little bit for the dentist (he was helping a lady who was on a schedule as she was trying to catch a bus) which was fine. He was overly apologetic about the whole situation. As he was looking at the information on the computer, he noticed that Ashton has a sister named Violet. He asked me if she happened to be in so and so's Kindergarten class. I say, "Yes! She is." He then precedes to tell me about how his son had brought home a post it with Violet A.'s phone #. I laughed and said, your son must be ***** because she brought home his m=number on the back of one of her papers. Apparently they want to set up a play date. I'm all for it seeing as how we live at the dentist anyway!! :)

After we laughed about what a small world town it is I got the news. That's right, cavities. I knew it was coming. Blasted soft teeth. I swear, I could brush and floss their teeth all day and they would still have cavities. So, there are 4 that need attention. Two are in between teeth and two on the surface of his molars. I must say it was entertaining listening to the DDS and the Hygienist figure out how to correctly label his teeth. They are assigned letters (as I'm sure you are aware) but since Ashton has an extra, he now has a G (a) and a G tooth. Fun stuff!

I made sure to ask for composite fillings and (to my pleasure) I was informed that was all the dentist does! Finally, someone up to speed about how harmful it is to place amalgam (metal) in your mouth to leach poison into your system! Hurrah for small miracles. So, overall I was impressed with the office. Now I just need to come up the $300 for the fillings and life will be good. Vi has an appointment next week and I'm sure will need some work too! AHHHHH!Hopefully we will meet our deductible soon!

Also, Ashton will be getting nitrous for the fillings. Anyone have experience with this? this will be our first time. I hope it all goes well. We are getting it done on Monday.


Brynn said...

Hmmm....who could you ask about dentistry? If only you knew someone?

Janice said...

Patrick used to have to get the gas to get his teeth cleaned as he has a strong gag reflex. It was always pretty funny. It didn't seem to bother him though so he should be fine.

Joshua Crook said...

My only experience with Nitrous was when I had my wisdom teeth taken out. Luckily they numbed my mouth as well, as I was awake as they sawed through the final tooth. Oh well, no big deal for me. Renee, on the other hand, hates the dentist, and has to be numbed for anything, even just a cleaning. I forget what they use, but it's not novicane. Blah. anyway, I hope everything goes well for the little guy.

Warkie said...
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