Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bring on the rain!

Or at least a darn good wind storm. The inversion this year is dreadful!!! I cannot believe our air quality is the worst in the nation right now! Ugh! It is so gross! I found my favorite definition of inversion (which is the choice word on the news): Utah's polite way of not saying SMOG!

That is basically what it is. I have a cough and like to blame it on all the carcinogens bad air I'm breathing. this must be what it is like to be a smoker. I can handle being outside for limited amounts of time. And, it is ugly. Everything is dull and gray and just lame. Violet even asked be why it stinks so bad out side. I think my friend Jennie had a great idea. We just need to turn on all the wind turbines and blow the smog out of here!

Where ever you are, I hope that you have nice, clean, refreshing air. Take a deep breath and savor it for me, since I am literally suffocating.


Noni Andrew said...

That sounds bad bad. We are having some sprinkles today. Maybe some will come your way soon.

Shara said...

Amen sista - when will Utah admit that inversion is pollution and we need to get our act together to minimize it as much as possible?

Jenny said...

Actually, an inversion isn't smog. The smog is always there. A temperature inversion just basically puts a lid of air over the valley so the pollution that usually escapes into the upper atmosphere can't. Still, it's no fun. Sorry you're having to deal with it!