Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's official

We had a pretty intense Volley ball game on Thursday. It was a team (the only team) that we have lost to so far in the season. Needless to say we were pretty keyed up. Of course it got to our heads and we ended up with another loss. But that's okay, we played hard and lost by one point (at the cap).

I am not a tall person. In my life time I have been called many things ( shrimp, shorty, midget, smurfette) but tall, or even average height has not been among them. When I play volley ball, I have to jump as high as I can to even hit the ball over the net. Watching me try to play with the net at Men's height is a riot. So during this intense game I try and be in my position. If I'm supposed to be "blocking" Sure I go up for the block and am lucky to get a touch on occasion. A slight touch that doesn't even change the direction of the ball, but a touch none the less.

Well, low and behold I went up for a block and it worked. I had my first (in a game) honest to goodness block. It hit my hands and went straight down on the other side. I'm sure the other team thought I was extremely unsportman like when I cheered and jumped for joy, but I was excited! Woo Hoo for me! Yes we still lost, but is good. :)


Joshua Crook said...

That's great Mel. I guess the practice, and a lot of adrenaline, worked out for you.

Noni Andrew said...

Melissa you are great. Volleyball was one of my worse games. I think because like you I am short and just couldn't quite make it. I'm glad you are such a good sport about playing. Love you

Mariel said...

I wish I could get the girls in my ward to play vollyball! That would be so fun.

Cute family.