Thursday, January 22, 2009

Up and atem

Although I don't feel like I am fully functional yet I thought I could surprise the regulars (aka grandparents) with another post. Myra shared whatever junk she has with me. I feel like my throat is super swollen. Like my airway is half it's size. Not fun, and I have volleyball tonight. Hopefully I don't collapse on the floor do to lack of oxygen!

I ended up taking Myra to the Doctor yesterday because she began draining fluid from her left ear. Crap! How and I supposed to know that she has and ear infection when her only "symptom" is a runny nose. Yes, I could tell her throat was a little sore because she cut back on the food she was eating, but she was still drinking. Still sleeping normally (my others had a hard time sleeping with ear infections) and she had no fever at all.

Who knew you had to take your child to the Dr. for every sniffle? Not me, that's for sure. She woke up from a nap with clear fluid on her ear. Yeah, it's puss. So now we get to do antibiotics as well as ear drops. If her throat was as bad as mine feels, she must have a crazy high pain tolerance! Or she's just a super good baby. I feel like a bad mom for not knowing she had a crazy ear infection, but I didn't see any of the normal signs. Plus she is working on her molars. Her ears should clear up quick now!


Becky said...

When I took Holly in for her 2 year checkup last year, the doctor told me she had an ear infection in one ear, and her other ear was healing from a recent ear infection. Huh. I had no idea. She was acting exactly the same as any other day. I felt really bad, but then I decided that if it really bothered her, she would have been cranky. Good luck with all the sickies over there!

Jenny said...

Sorry she's sick. That happened to James as a baby. I thought he had an ear infection, took him in, and the doctor said he looked okay, but to come back in if it got worse. The next day, his eardrum ruptured, complete with the drainage you mentioned.

Gotta love winter--Matt and I both have colds and James is on antibiotics for strep. I'm constantly cleaning trying to keep the others from getting sick! Hope you all feel better soon!

Noni Andrew said...

From one of the regulars. thanks for keeping us informed. Sorry Myra and you have such sore throats, ears etc. I talked to Evelyn today and Tyler has Strep throat and flu. Hope you all are better real soon. Love to all

Palmer family said...

You are a SUPER Mom! I is hard to know what to do when your Little Ones don't talk and you don't know how they are feeling or if they have pain. It is all a guessing game and it about drives me bonkers up until they can talk. UGH. Hope you all start feeling better ASAP. Have fun at volleyball. Sounds like fun!!