Thursday, January 29, 2009

When did the world start spinning?

Tuesday night I went to play volleyball with some friends. It's a weekly thing. My friend Tiffany picked me up in her Jeep. We got there and I was stuck in my seat belt a little. I'm not lame, it is a, let's say "special" seat belt that takes a little finagling to get the button to work without tearing the skin off your finger. So, I open the car door and go to step out and the ROAD IS MOVING!

the jeep had started to roll. I'm on the passenger side so I yell at her and pull the Emergency brake. Car is still rolling backwards. WHAT! Are you kidding me? Tiffany jumps in and turns it back on and re parks it. Turns out the E - brake doesn't work in the slightest and the fun jeep will turn off if it isn't in park. She is used to this, I was rather taken aback. It was the beginning of a great evening! I'm just glad that it was the car moving and not something crazy going on with me (please, no comments ;) ).

Oh, and PS - I was able to return the one pair of snow boots for store credit. It was a huge hassle, but well worth the $15.


Jenny said...

I love it when I can return things like that. Glad you got your $15 back!

Jeff n' Rachelle said...

I see that you know Emily. Small world. We worked together at AFH! She won the contest