Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Home School Musical

Well, Saturday was an adventurous day for me. I think that I only got to see my kids for about 2 or 3 hours the entire day. Weird! Well, I was up at PCMC doing CHD Awareness Week stuff with IHH that I posted about already. Then we had Desert Star in the evening. Man, I love that place!

Anywho, we decided to go to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Boy was that ever a mistake! It was my worst experience there EVER!!! We did call ahead seating, apparently for no reason. We were quoted 50 min. to wait. By the time we arrived we should have had like 10 - 15 min to wait. To make a long and irritating story short, we basically waited for 45 min. and they still couldn't get us in (I think someone was screwing with the seating stuff). Some one pulled the fire alarm in jest and at that point we had to leave to make it to the show. We were all starving and ate a ton of popcorn at the show.

The show was a blast. "Linoleum Dynanmite" was my fav. We laughed and laughed. To prepare for the night I had watch High School Musical. It was my first time. I probably would have still liked the show without seeing the movie, but it was more fun having seen it. There were a couple of songs from the movie. I recommend going and seeing the show. I also enjoyed the name Zach Teflon.

After we went to Cheesecake factory. We didn't have to wait nearly as long and the food there is soooooooooo good. I was unadventurous and got the same thing as before (a pasta dish) and of course yummy Cheesecake. Aaron and Mandy ended up getting into a whipped cream fight (they smeared each others faces). Good times. It was a late night, but we had fun even if Texas Roadhouse tried to ruin our night.


Noni Andrew said...

Sounds like a real fun night. Darin sent me a pic of him and his beard. I told him he looked like a Rabbi. So I'm glad you and the Rabbi had a great time. Forget about the Texas Roadhouse. Love you guys.