Thursday, February 26, 2009


It's been almost a week without a post. Wow! Just now while I was putting Ashton to bed, I said, " I want to watch E. R." Then Ashton' said, "Yeah, I want to watch Eeyore too! And Pooh Bear!" Ha. He was riding on Violet's scooter today and fell. No, he didn't skin his n=knee, but managed to land with his eye right on the side of the handle. He gouged it pretty bad. There was blood, and some swelling. Now he has a complete circular mark on his eye lid down to under his eye. He almost looks like a puppy with a spot on his eye, if that makes sense. It should be pretty colorful tomorrow.

Volleyball is officially over. We played (if you can call it that) in our last tournament on Monday. We played terribly and were out after our first two games. That's okay because we still did well during the season. I had fun...most of the time :D.

The Primary Children's Radio - thon is currently underway if you are interested in donating.

I'm looking forward to some good food and games on Saturday with the old 'compound' crew! We don't get together enough!


Noni Andrew said...

I am so sorry Ashton got hurt falling . I hope his eye is OK. It seems like kids are always doing something to get hurt. Love you Thanks for your blog. I always look forward to hearing about what is going on.