Monday, March 30, 2009

An Amazing Poem

Daddy's Little Girl
On the street where you live
Before I say good-bye
We'll meet again
All through the night
You beling to me
Pretend you don't see her
My gal Sunday
Moonlight becomes you
Silent Night
Let me call you sweetheart
The lottery winner
Remember me
I'll be seeing you
All around the town
Loves music, loves to dance
The Anastasia syndrome and other stories
While my pretty one sleeps
Weep no more, my lady
A cry in the night
The cradle will fall
A stranger is watching
Where are the children?

Now for the story behind it:

While sitting ad book club, my friend Aubrey confessed that when we read Mount Vernon Love Story, she began reading the poem in the front. She thought it started out good, but then got weird and didn't make any sense to her. She thought it was just so deep that she didn't get it. After I don't know how long, a light bulb turned on for her. That wasn't a was a list of works by the author, Mary Higgings Clark. I laughed so dang hard I hurt myself, and probably peed a little. I just had to share. Thanks for the laughs dear friend!


Noni Andrew said...

I was surprised that those are the titles of her books. I think most of them are titles of songs. My dad gave me the sheet music to Daddys Little Girl on my 16th birthday. I still have it. I have the book Mount Vernon Love Story and I really enjoyed it. Love you

Teea Lamb said...

Ha ha! I love it! I was reading it like a poem, too, and I thought the exact same thing! At first, I was sort of following it, but I was so lost by the end! I'm still laughing. Thanks for sharing!

Chandler said...

Ya-I got lost at about "Lottery Winner". You make me smile. And here's news for ya...I just posted!

Chandler said...

But I might have still pressed on until "Anastasia and other stories" I think the "and other stories" awakened me to the possibility that it wasn't all poetry.